Monday, April 3, 2017

February 27, 2017

Hey!! So I am being transferred!!! I go back to San Juan!!! I will be in Los Pinos. I will be with Elder Bravo. I am excited to go and Work my butt off with him!! He came to the mission in the same time as me so that should be fun to be with him to the end if that's what will happen? not sure but I'm excited anyways!! 
It's been an awesome week!! We had many lessons throughout the week. Friday we had an awesome activity with Jeopardy (that I made more adapted to the branch) and relay races!! Everyone had fun and played with us :) We had various investigators that came too so that was awesome!! Just like 8!!!!! yea!! so we were way happy :) I gave a talk about Keep the Sabbath Day Holy. I dropped the cane a bit. I took out some scriptures that talked about adorar God only one time in the week and how this is not true. It is not what God wants. We shouldn't only go those Sundays to worship him but everyday we should worship and remember him. I also invited those who weren't keeping the Sabbath day holy to repent. Because they are breaking a commandment of God and need to repent. I felt the spirit very strong and I hope that it was able to get to the hearts of the people who listened. I know that it was what God wanted me to say. 
But it has been a great week. I am going to miss Tupungato a ton. It is so great. The people are so nice and loving. But I'm sure that this next area will be fun and I will enjoy being with them. But I will miss Tupungato. A family. Salcedo Family, (some investigators that we have) told me that I had changed their view on many things. Before, they kicked the elders off of their porch. Now he said he has changed his opinion and is listening to the lessons for a simple service and Love of God that me and my comp showed him. It's amazing what a simple act of service and love of God can do in the lives of many. Never hesitate to help someone in need. Lift one who is fallen. comfort those in need of comfort. Because YOU could be the reason that that person changes for the love that you show them in doing what Christ came to do. Serve not be served. 

I love you guys a lot. 

Keep safe and find a way to Serve someone in this week in need.

Con amor,

Elder R. Kenneth Hakes

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