Friday, May 27, 2016

May 23, 2016

Its been a good week!!! We are working on the pen drive to see if we cant fix it. fingers crossed!!! It has been so crazy here..... this is a place like Arizona. The sun always comes out but for 25 days it didn't come out ONCE!!!!! It was so crazy!!!! jajaja. We thought we changed where we were living for a little while and it got like way cold. I actually had to take out a jacket and put it on because I was getting cold and we all know how I am. I never get cold so it was weird to have that feeling. But yesterday changed everything. It was completely sunny without one cloud hahaha.... and today about the same. So everyone who was hibernating in this time are starting to come out again. So that's awesome!! More people to teach!!! WWOOOOT WOOOTTT!!! jajja.
David and Nessa moving into the big house!! That seems crazy.. David cant be that old yet can he??? ;)  Cody is going to work for Sunsplash?? That should be interesting..
Like the football team doesn't practice on Wednesday?? That's interesting... not a bad thing either. That's good that no one is messing around because that is the worst part. That's when the crap practices start coming....
That's crazy that Brent and Carlee went all the way to Washington... hahah. I guess it could be fun.. Are they missing the sun because it's cold or what??
Let's see, this week should be way good but way busy.. jajaja. It's like 4th of July for them this week. It's the 25 of May. So we are doing an activity of the ward and missionary. So it should be way fun!! It is a live inact of the Plan of Salvation. It had to change a bit because they will have it after another activity but I guess that's okay. It should be awesome anyways! Maybe I'll send you a photo of the plans and someone over there can translate it for you. hahah. It seems like an awesome activity that you could totally do with the ward and it would be way successful!! I'm excited to see how it turns out!!!
We have a zone activity today. Should be awesome. I had the idea to do human fooseball. So, looks like that's what we are going to do!!! hahaha. It should be fun. 
I hope you guys are doing great my and my son are doing great. Love you guys all a ton!!
Con amor,

Elder Hakes

May 16, 2016

I don't know if I will be able to send the photos........... I put my pen drive in the computer of some members and it seems like it has a virus.............. so if I can't fix it, I just lost all of my photos in the mission............. it was a sad semana for that reason.... But good to hear you guys had an awesome week!!! Happy b day dad!!! He got to go to his favorite place on his bday so he should be way way happy hahaha. Where does he leave that big old tractor??? Locked up or something??  Jennie and Joe are always messing around with Ruby. hahaha. That's fun that they came down quick to celebrate dads b day with you guys!! Jen is back in town! that should be fun!!! She's kinda crazy tho ;) hehe. I can't believe Curt is coming home... and that I have almost a year in the mission... it has passed by so fast... good but sooo fast. THEY GRADUATEDDDDDDDD........ that is soooo weird........... I can't believe its been a year since graduation......  that seems like yesterday that we went to the shabin the day after graduation and I slept screamed at Emily......... hahaha. good times ;) 

It's been a pretty good week over here. We headed over to Mendoza for a day and a half. We had a training that E. Hoagland had for being newer so we headed over there. I helped the Secretary of the mission in the morning and I was the witness for a Hermana who was getting her green card. I don't know how else to say it in English... hahaha. But that was cool!! I got to do that and so that was fun!! Then we came back and it was time to work again. At least when we came back the movie in the bus was like a kids movie that didn't have any bad words because when we went there it was  a WHOLE different story.... but I just turned off the sound so don't worry. It's been a fun week and crazy. Hope you guys are all doing great! I'll send you photos in this or the next week if we can fix it!! love you all a ton and see ya next week!!!

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 9, 2016

It has been a fun week!! We made baked Ziti!!! and it actually turned out way good!! We also made mac n cheese which was way good. So, we are trying out all the recipes hahaha!! It was an awesome day yesterday wasn't it?? hahha. We talked between 5 different cities and 4 different states. I got to talk to the whole family at one time!! and there are 13 of us!!! I counted!!!! hahaha. We are getting a lot bigger and stronger in numbers!! Pretty soon there will be too many to have parties in the house haha. Yesterday definitely was the best Sundays of my mission. Church, talk to family, baptism, and like always, Mormon refreshments ;) jajaja. 

The baptism was awesome!! A lot of things seemed like they were going to fall through. like the font didn't work during the week but they fixed it 2 days before. Both of the people who were going to give the talks said they couldn't the day of. So I gave a talk on baptism, baptized Brisa, and gave the last prayer. hahaha. It was kinda funny. It was awesome though. We had a couple of investigators that were able to come and watch the baptism too so that was awesome. I think they all felt the spirit there yesterday. I know I did. 

I think yesterday was one of the big moments when I have felt the power of the priesthood in my life. I got into the water a little nervous, with reason because its my first baptism, and then I put my arm up to start, said her name, started and then a peace just came over me. A powerful peace and the words just flowed out. It was an amazing experience. Something that I don't think I will ever forget. It was amazing. And I want to feel it again so you can bet you bottom  dollar that I'm gonna have another!!! ;)  

Love you guys, hope you all have an awesome week and We'll see ya next week!!

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

May 2, 2016

It's been a pretty normal week. SCRATCH THAT. It has been some of the busiest 6 weeks of my mission. Almost everyday is full with something to do. and sometimes we have a couple back up plans fijado. It is AWESOME!! hahaha. I love it!!! So much work with a little time to play!! but we also play in our work so its a little of both!!! It's been a fun week. We have 2 baptisms this week!! They will do their interviews and then we should be all good!! Interviews are tonight!! It's a night of interviews. I have to go to Pocito to have an interview with their investigator for baptism. Then I have to get back to my area the quickest way possible to the interviews of our investigators so busy busy busy!!! hahaha. Good stuff though!! 
Jace is talking.... noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so weird... hahaha. and I don't know at what time we will call you guys because the baptism is going to be Sunday because that's the only day the whole family can go. So, little different but we will figure out the time tonight. So maybe I'll send a little message a different day. Sorry for the last minute stuff... that'll be fun for them!! San diego!! haha. I am super excited for them!! Family reunion too!! That'll be awesome!!! I realized today that we talked to you guys Sunday and I was like. CRAPPP!!!! I have to plan all of that!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha. but I'll probably figure it all out today and see what I can do to let you guys know. I hope everything is going good for you guys and that you guys will have an awesome week!! Tell the family I love them and miss them!!
Con amor,

Elder Hakes