Tuesday, May 10, 2016

April 18, 2016

Thats sooooo awesome!!!!!! I am super excited for Brent and Carlee!!!!!!!!!!!! Are they leaving soon or do they all have to wait until summer??? That's fun stuff!! I cant' believe its that time of year again... that means like less than a year ago I opened my call... wow...  crazy stuff...... That sounds like Brent and Carlee will be a bit lejos for awhile. How do you feel about them going really far away too?? Where are David and Nessa going to live if all goes good??? Some big changes there haha. 
That's awesome that the rugby boys won state!!! Both teams won or just U16??  
This week for me has been a good one. It has been a little crazy but it was way good!! Let's see, Wednesday we had interviews with the president. So we went and did that. and they taught us some things too. So it was way good. I brought banana sopapillas because they said the district leaders had to bring the fruit so what better fruit than banana??? ;) hahahaha. They didn't really laughed too much... I thought it was going to be a lot more funny but that's okay, I'll live through my unfunny joke. I brought real fruit too in case they didn't want the sopapillas. but we ended up eating all of it so  go fat us!!! hahaha. Also the president told me that I am famous for my sopapillas.... I guess like the whole mission knows me for my sopapillas or something like that hahahahaha. I just need to put a laxative and laugh my head off muuuwwwwaahaahahaaaaaa!! ;) No but that was kinda funny that he told me that he had heard of my sopapillas before. So at the end of interviews President Goates was sitting there and said. hmmm... my schedule is open in the afternoon. Looks like I'm gonna work with you guys tonight. and yes my heart started racing... I was like oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, yep I just crapped my pants so oh crap, oh crap!!!! hahaha. Just kidding.I didn't crap my pants, but I did get a little scared for a minute. But, it ended up being way awesome!! I learned a bunch of new ways to work and do different things. It was awesome. 
We also got to go in an amazing ac car so that was definitely fun ;) and less tiring haha. And me and mi hijo are working way hard. We have 3 baptisms for the 30th of this month!! It's gonna be awesome!! I think they are going to be completely ready too!!! so we are way excited for that!! 
We also had an asado with a family this Sunday that was amazing... ;) It was sooo goood. hahaha. I love asados.... it suprises me because I can eat and eat and eat but right now I don't weigh very much. I am like way skinny but I guess that's okay. I'm not sick just skinny so its interesting. haha. Never felt that in my life. But yea. its been a pretty fun week. We've been loaded with work and so we have been very happy :) Hope you guys are  doing great and I love you all a ton!!! See ya next week!!
Con amor,
Elder Hakes

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