Friday, July 22, 2016

July 18, 2016

Hey mom!!! How's it going??? It's going good over here in Argentina!! It's been pretty warm here, but then it got way cold this weekend. It's gone back to a bit warmer weather so we´ll see what happens in this week jaja. Well I guess I should probably explain the photos and videos I sent and why I was in normal clothes. So Saturday we moved a family. We moved them like all day because they only had a truck like Grandpa Hakes´s green truck and a car.. So we were able to use normal clothes until like 6 in the afternoon. It was very different being in normal clothes for almost a whole day.... it didn't feel right jajaja. But this was the day after my year mark so we burnt the shirt there where they just moved in because in our pension we cant do it. There is no place to do it. We are in the 3rd floor and there is no patio and the apartment dueƱos probably wouldn't like us burning stuff there.... jajaja. So we did it the other day when we moved them. It was kind of awkward... why because most of them are investigators and don't really understand why I was doing it and the tradition of elders so they were kind of quiet and probably thinking " These mormons are crazy... they are burning a white shirt after we moved in.... " jajaja oh well. They are awesome people tho. we are teaching almost their whole family they live 5 in a row. Brother, brother, dad,and mom, sister, sister. jajaj. 5 houses in a row!! I couldn't imagine if we found a place like that with our family... it would be absolute chaos.  And I'm sure it will be for them too hahaha. But they are some of the coolest people the only thing they have to do is get married. Silvana and Rodrigo. Which they want to do but she has to get divorced first... so we are working on that so that they can get married and baptized but here in Argentina it is way harder to do that.... it takes more time here. like 2 months probably. But, I think they are already working on it so they should be done with that a little earlier. but yea. its cool. We are going to keep working with them. She's trying to bring all of her family to church and its amazing to see the desire she has for her family to come to church. 

She is really working in the Mission work. She makes me think a lot about me before the mission. and makes me think. did I work sufficiently in the mission work or was I just doing bare minimum to nothing? And I feel like I didn't do my part of missionary work that everyone of us is required to do. We all have been through the covenant of baptism which says we will be witnesses of him at all times. And if we aren't trying to work in missionary work I ask you if we are completing with our covenants we have made? I think everyone of us can do better in the obra missional. We can be better examples in how we live the gospel which shows people who we are as people. We can work more with the missionaries. We can get to know the new people that show up at the church and become friends with them in the church and outside of the church. We can do a lot of things to get better in the mission work. and I want to invite you guys and girls to do an actividad. It is an actividad that will help you to see a miracle of God in your lives. It  is something that we are inviting all the members here in Lujan to do to and you guys should be invited to. I invite you guys to pray for 3 things. 
1. pray that God will put someone in your path (could be someone you know right now or someone you don't know). 
2. That you can recognize that this is the person. and 
3. That you can invite them to act. ( go to church, read the Book of Mormon, go to the temple, listen to the missionaries, FHE with them...) something along those lines. 

I promise you that if you do these 3 things. if you pray for these 3 things that God will put someone in your path and you will be able to share the gospel with them and help someone come unto Christ. You will be able to do and receive the promises that are given for those who establish Zion (1 Nephi 13:37). Because in truth we are helping to establish Zion if we are sharing the gospel with others. So, after you have decided if you want to see a miracle of God in your lives, you need to put a date in the future in which God will put this person in your path. Something that isn't too big or too small. I would say 1 month and shorter would be a good time to find the person but you guys are going to pick your dates. And don't worry if you invite someone to act and they say no because you still are having success!!!! The success is in the sharing of the gospel because we cant force them to do anything because they have their agency you just need to share and that is success. 

I hope that some or all of you that are reading my letters can take a part in this activity and see the miracles of God in your lives. I hope that you can share with me your experiences of how it went to. I would love to hear them and how it went!! 

I hope you guys have a great week and that you can be safe in your travels and daily lives. 

Love you a ton :)

Con mucho amor,

Elder Hakes

Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 11, 2016

Sunday... you dont write to me on Sunday... you must not be feeling good... ;) hahaha. No it's all good. I understand that you got girls camp. You'll be going crazy with that and you won't remember to read my email until next week ;) hahaha maybe not. 

Sorry I haven't been writing about everything that has been happening in this ward it's just been some crazy weeks. I just thought it was going to calm down but it's just gotten a little crazier... but that's okay. So, I am the ward Lujan. in the City of Lujan with the Lujanos. jajaja. It's been way good here in this ward. I miss Krause and San Juan because I felt at home there but I'm starting to like it a lot here too. The members are really nice and way good. We just need to get them to work with us... jajja. Sometimes the hardest part. That's okay though because we'll get them working. Nothing a little sopaypilla cant do ;) jajaja. 

We have lots of investigators we are working with right now. Most of them are families together but not married with one of them that needs to divorce so that they can get married. So the only factor there is time. Most of them have testimonies of the church and love the church but they just can't progress until they divorce and get married which can take at least a month and a half... so we are still working with them and looking for new investigators. We have a couple that are  close to baptism!! We are hoping for a couple the 30th of this month and a couple the 5th of augost. so we are working there. We have a huge area but I like it. I don't really know like half of it yet because it's so big but that's okay. I am getting to know it well. I am learning it. I know how to get places but I don't know very well the streets. That's what is hard for me. But I'll get the reins on it soon enough!! We went to the mountains this week. a 45 minute bus ride to see snow and a lake. It was way chill up there. It was a very beautiful place. Nice chill ride up there :) 

We have had a couple crazy things happen in the last week.. a mini misionero went home leaving one companionship in a trio. But now for medical problems one is going home. So now it will be 2 there. It's been a rough week. We had a hospital run for this elder at 11 at night. We got back at 2. Then we had to inform President Goates on everything that happened. So it's been kind of crazy. Sad to see him have to go.. We are going to do a going away party thing for him tomorrow. Homemade pizzas I think. And my comp's grandpa died this week. and I think this week they are going to take off my big foots nail. They say I have a fungus and they need to destroy it with direct contact with the medicine and that for that they need to take it off so it's starting off pretty crazy today. But that's okay because I'm sure I'll be okay. 

I was able to give my comp a blessing and he seems to be doing better. So we'll get through this week. There could be worse right? I just hope they don't make me rest too many days... that would bug  me a lot... I don't like staying in the house all day... we'll see what happens. But this last week we had 8 investigators come to church!! That was awesome!! We were way happy to see them all there!! Hoping for a couple more the next week too!! Its gonna be a good week de obra! Hope you guys are going to have a great week and we'll see you all the next week!!! 

Con amor,

Elder Hakes