Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December 21, 2015

Its kinda hard...I don't know for sure what time I can call for Christmas. I don't live in my area and have to take a bus to my area. Christmas day there will be one bus every 1 or 1 and a half hours so I don't know when I have to leave or when they are passing still. So it is somewhere in that range. Our plan is to be there at 12 our time. I think that is 8 your time if I remember right? I wish I could give you a better time, but I don't know how... There just isn't an exact time that I know and we don't have a member to bring us there in car because there are like 3 of them and they cant bring us... I am excited for my interview with Carlee!!! It'll have to be short sweet but to the point ;) 

It sounds like I left and you started to do all the fun things... ??? whats up with that???? Renting out theaters to watch Star Wars... jeep.... shabin trips.... not fair. ;) It looks like this year was a fun Christmas! I'm sure Nessa did a great job with the program. Was Jace acting as Joseph?? Because we all know he is way too big to be baby Jesus!!! hahha. Jennie and Joe are back in tooooowwwn!!! That's cool that they brought a little snowball fight to the house! Reminds me of the time that dad brought snow in the back of  the truck one year :) 

It's been a busy and fun week! We finally did an activity!! We watched Meet the Mormons and played jeopardy, and ate some cake and banana bread with some juices to drink! We had an investigator come and she loved the church!! It was AWESOME!!! Everyone had a bunch of fun and all the hard work to plan in one week was made up for it in the end :) That was what a lot of the photos were. Hope you liked them! 

It's kinda crazy thinking right now is Christmas... Its kinda hot for Christmas... haha. It feels more like 4th of July! But I sure am excited to talk to you guys and see how everyone is doing!! I think I can speak in English again so that's cool :) 

I love you guys and can't wait to see you all next week!! 

Oh wait, the next week is kinda weird... it wont be P-day so I won't write for 2 weeks. I don't know why, but that's what President Goates said. He is changing next week to a normal day and not P-day. So... if I change areas, I wont be able to tell you guys until like 2 weeks. So be patient :) haha. 

Now for realsies, hasta la próximo semana!!!

con amor,

Elder Hakes

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 14, 2015

Selfie with our Argentina rugby jerseys
*** I had told Ryan that it was cold and rainy here in Mesa.  I mentioned it to his sister, Jennie, who lives in Wyoming.  She said we were not cold.... because it was -1 degrees at her house.****

That's crazy!! I definitely don't want -1 degree weather either...... that really does suck....But snow would be cool! :) 

I am planning the church Christmas party for our ward with my comp and our mission leader! We made a jeopardy game and are gonna watch a movie and eat food! It will be awesome!! We're way excited to do it!!! Jennie and Joe for Christmas! There you go, all your present shopping is done! hahha. I'm sure you are loving life with your new jeep :) How did dad find it? Craigslist? hahaha. I think there is like a 99% chance that craigslist was the way he found it! 

The photo I just sent was from the conference we had with the 70 members and Area Presidency members. I think I forgot to send them from the other week... 

Let's see, this week I was a little sick so that kinda sucked but we worked anyways because what am I going to do in the Pench all day?? haha. And it wasn't too bad, just a little cold. I think it was because the climate was changing like crazy these past 2 weeks. It would be hot, hot, hot and then cold, cold, cold one day and then back to hot, hot, hot. It was a bit crazy. It isn't a normal weather for here is what the members are telling me. Usually it is way hotter now but I'm okay with the cold :) 

I don't know what else happened this week.... OH YEA! We did a Nativity with the Stake! Our ward was in charge of being the angels who sang. So we showed up Saturday and sang 3 songs! It was all girls and us 2 elders... haha. None of the guys showed up so we had to let our manly voices go and sing loud n proud so the stake could here us ;) It was good though :) We just wore our baptismal clothing so we were in all white. It was pretty cool! 

I hope everything is good with all of you guys and that you're all having fun with Mom's new jeep and not only her! $ wheel driving in Payson??? ;) 

Love you guys and have an awesome week! 

Share the new video from the church with someone this week! 

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

**** I asked Ryan who he was working with***
Ryan:  What do you mean who am I working with? Elder Lujan? Mi companion?

Mom:  Investigators......

Ryan:  Like who they are? There are lots of people we are working with. One family, Flia Benitez-Flores, we got to know them like a month and a half ago but couldn't find them in their house until like a week or 2 ago. She told us she could feel a peace and a difference when we prayed to start the lesson!! It was amazing!!! It was awesome!! And then she invited us to lunch another day and gave us Lamb and rice with aji!! Oh, it was sooo good. I miss spicy food... but we have a bunch of Peruvian investigators who love spicy food so they are helping me out :) like flia Bentiez-Flores! We are going to help him build his house Wednesday! We got a bunch of investigators who need help building their houses so looks like Hakes Construction Argentina Company is back in business!! hahah. I should just make a bunch of shabins!! ;)

Ryan:  oo ooo then you'll love the person I work with most!!!!!

5 minutes later

Ryan:  The Book of Mormon!!! You can meet him too!! He lives in your phone but better than that, in your scriptures!!!! hahah ;) 

I'm so funny huh?? ;)

something like that? hope I  got ya to laugh ;)

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 6, 2015

See the note below on packages.

Christmas came a little early for Elder Hakes.

Hey!! Hows it going?! 

It feels like a long time since the last time I wrote you guys but then again, it feels like yesterday. Let's see... This week it rained again. The weather is a bit bipolar right now. It is like a hot day and then cloudy day a little chilly and then hot again, then it rains... It is so weird... hahaha. But its my life... so yea its chill. I definitely don't mind a little cold right now in summer :) 

Well, this week we passed for a less active member again who we haven't been able to contact in a long time, he let us in and we started to talk with him. I had given him a blessing for his health some weeks ago because he was in an accident where he broke his face and had to put like metal or something like that to fix everything. And when we showed up yesterday he told me thank you. His face looks perfectly normal again and he is moving normal. It was amazing! He then told me that normally people don't heal this fast.... in like 60-90 days. It was a testimony to me of the priesthood and what power there really is in it. I know that God gave us the Priesthood not only to help us in our lives but to bless others in need of His help. Now, I'd like to say he is going to church and is the Bishop or something now, but he's not. And that's not really important, but what is important is that he could see God's hand in his life. But because I'm persistent, we'll see if we can't bring him back and make him bishop ;) 

Hope you guys have a great week and that everyone stays safe with sports and all that. 

Love you guys and see ya next week!!

con amor,
Elder Hakes

I used the Missionary Packages Argentina for his Christmas presents.  You get to choose off of a list, but it is better than nothing at all.  --Dani Lyn

 From Ryan's mission president about packages....

To parents and loved ones of the Missionaries of Argentina, Mendoza,

President Goates and I would like to clarify the mission policy on packages from home. 

Please do not send packages to Argentina.

As often as not, 1) packages do not make it through, 2) and those which do can take 6 months or more to get here, and 3) then our office elders have to take a very significant amount extra time (which could be spent proselyting) going through the customs rigmarole, and 4) there may be significant customs duties levied, often surpassing the value of the package contents, which are not to be paid within the missionary’s allowance, and 5) while some missionary’s families might have the disposable income to send packages, others might not, and it sets up inequalities among the missionaries, 6) most Latin American countries celebrate Christmas quite modestly. For these reasons we ask that families please not send packages. As a returned and current missionary, however, I can tell you that a wonderful letter is just like gold, it is so appreciated. Pictures are sure to bring smiles, and the missionaries love to share them with each other. 

We apologize for misinformation regarding sending packages Express or DHL, (because some packages got through) but it turns out these methods also have problems with customs, they just cost a lot more. Please do not use them.

Thank you for your valuable support. 

President and Sister Goates

P.S. There is an online service called MISSIONARY PACKAGES ARGENTINA which, as a private enterprise we cannot endorse. But it is based in Argentina, so their packages are not subject to customs fees and taxes and the risk of loss is much, much less. We have had these packages arrive successfully.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 30, 2015

My week was great!! My companion is from Bolivia  and I am still in the Favorita. P-days I can play sports :) we kind of do whatever. Sometimes sports, sometimes climb mountains. What ever comes to mind haha. 

Starting all the wedding stuff.. fun.. so fun... hahaha. I hope all is good there no fighting is allowed. okay? okay good. 

I didn't do anything special for Thanksgiving.. oh well. There's always next year! haha. Quiet thanksgiving... Is the whole Hakes family sick??? I don't think we have ever had a reunion that was quiet. But I'm sure grandma and grandpa didn't mind a little more peaceful Thanksgiving :) How was black Friday?? Buy any cool new things for the shabin?? 
Can am 4 seater razor... hm... Sounds like a good idea if you ask me ;) Test drove a blue jeep too?? That's so kind that you guys are looking for a gift to give me when I get home but mom, you are starting now...? Relax... you got 19 months to plan that out ;) haha. 

Always good to see UofA come out on top of ASwho. 

With calling for Christmas...i don't know.. I'll figure that out this week. We only have 30 to 40 minutes to talk. My comp is pretty unhappy haha. I guess it was an 1 and a half hours when he got here, changed to an hour this past year and like 40 minutes this year. It doesn't bother me much because I'm just happy to see you guys, buuuuuttttt, mostly Jace because we all know how it is in our family ;) hahaha. You too mom don't worry it was just a joke! 

Seriously though... how is it December already... like 5 months ago I couldn't speak 100 words in Spanish and now I'm conversing with people and teaching lessons in Spanish... How fast things can change in just 5 months. Also, it's really weird because I'm starting to feel more and more like the mission was always my life if that makes sense. Like the life I had before feels more and more like a dream.. kinda weird huh? I think its just because everything is so different that it doesn't feel the same. Oh well. I will keep working igual. 

I really do love the mission. It is the best. There are so many amazing people who I am getting to know and help bring to the gospel. What is better than everyday trying to help someone come unto Christ?? I cant think of anything.. It is the best to share the gospel in whatever form or way you can. 

I'm going to be the typical missionary and ask you guys to share the gospel with someone in this week. A text, a 2 minute conversation, or however you want, but share your testimony. Who Christ is to you, how you feel about your church, how Christ has changed your life, something! And then think back in how you felt when you shared your testimony. Its amazing. I've felt it and that's why I am asking you guys to do it too. And what better time to do so than Christmas??? 

Love you guys, share the gospel, and have the best week ever :)

con amor,
Elder Hakes