Thursday, February 25, 2016

February 22, 2016

Sounds like a fun week!!! I got a new comp. Elder Almeida. He is from Paraguay but lived most of his life in Buenos Aires so basically is Argentine haha. It's been a good 2 weeks with him. We get a long good so its been great. I am district leader of 2 elders and 2 sister missionaries. It seems to be a pretty awesome district. the other 4 missionaries have been here together for a transfer or 2 so they all know each other and everything but we are starting to get to know everyone!! haha. It's a zone with a bunch of new missionaries.... like 6 new missionaries who started this transfer. I'm district leader so I have to teach a class every week to the district in our district meetings. So that's a bit interesting. Learning how to each missionaries is different than investigators haha. We have gotten to know a lot of the area. its a lot bigger than my last area but its okay. Just means a little more work :) 

OOOO fun story this week. We went to get to know one of the members in the ward and we were talking then she asked us where we were from and I said Buenos Aries just to mess around. She asked me seriously?? and I was like yea!! Why don't you think Im from here?? Is it like my Spanish is bad or what's the deal?? and she said no.... you have an accent of an Argentine but... fine, where are your parents from then??? hhaahahaaha I had convinced her I was from Argentina!!! She was asking to know where my parents were from because I don't look Argentine but I sounded like one hahaha. I eventually told her I was joking and she laughed a little bit. it was funny though. :) 

There hasn't been too many other things exciting like that that have happened this week. It's been a pretty chill week. Well, super hot but relaxed week getting to know people and everything. I think I sent photos last week?? I don't remember. If I didn't send anything let me know. We have super pday today with the 2 zones of San Juan so that'll be awesome!!! 

Well, hope all is well with you guys and love yall a ton. 

Cya next week!!!

con amor,

Elder Hakes

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February 15, 2016

Hey mom!! 
It's been a good week!!!! We got here to San Juan Tuesday miday and then some elders showed us to the pench. My comp is Elder Almeida. He is from Paraguay, AsunciĆ³n , but has been living in Buenos Aires since he was 7. So cool stuff there. He seems to like to work so everything is going goood! We cleaned the area. so both of us showed up new again. Looks like we are going to have to learn the whole area haha. There are some maps here to help us though. It's a bit harder being district leader because now I am charge of some other missionaries and I have to teach them every week in a district meeting but I'm starting to learn how to do it haha. It's definitely harder than I thought it was. It always seemed so easy but now I'm learning it takes preparacion haha. 
Let's see, San Juan is pretty hot. like 40 degres C. so we are trying to get more used to that but it's good. We are just getting to know the members and the investigators that are here. They seem to be way good people so that's pretty awesome. 
Let's see... what else has happened.. We had to give testimonies in church this last week because we are newbies to the ward. We are in a ward with 4 missionaries so its a bit interesting.  They have one side of the ward and we have the other side. So it's cool getting to know them and all of the people in this ward. It's way bigger than the last ward I was in! I feel like this one has almost twice as much so that's awesome to see in the church :) 
I heard Cody is trying to be as cool as his brother in rugby, but I don't know if he's that good yet ;) hahaha. I think I'm gonna go find a rugby ball. I want to play with one haha. Like at least have one in my hands to pass around. Looks like Rugby is bigger in San Juan so I am very happy :) as I'm sure you can imagine haha. 
How's all the fam doing? Whats going on with Davy y Nessy?? Is it almost baby time again? Because that'd be cool haha!! 
I love you guys and hope y'all have a good week I am gonna go bowling now so see ya later!!
Con amor,

Elder Hakes

February 8, 2016

Hey mom!!! 
Sorry I am so late today.... we were way busy this morning and afternoon. We went to one of Elder Lujan's old areas to visit one of his converts. It was awesome!! Really good family!! They made an asado for us too!! It was sooo good!! We actually cooked the asado but that was cool to learn how to do it!! 

I got transfered!! Well, tomorow I leave to San Juan!! I hear it's the same as Mesa Az in heat so we'll see how the end of this summer goes!!! hahahaha. Also I will be the district leader so that should be pretty cool. Elder Lujan is also going to San Juan as district leader in the same zone as me! hahaha. He'll be right next to me hahaha. I hear that San Juan is awesome so we'll see what it's like pretty soon here :) I'm excited to get to know a new place though. 

Let's see.. what else happened... we had that asado with the other elders which was awesome! That was the last week. We got together for the missionaries going home. sorry that my email is a bit short but we are running late so I can't write a big one this week... oh, one more thing. We had a family home evening with the whole ward yesterday which was awesome. I got to kinda say goodbye to everyone too so that was fun. Overall, its been a pretty great week :) Love you guys and I'll see ya next week!

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

February 1, 2016

This week was a good one! It was a little cooler. There was a couple of rain storms throughout the week. So that made it a good week too! This next week is transfers so we'll see if I go or if i stay here another. I'm pretty sure I am going to leave though. Oh well, what can we do? haha. The ward is doing a lot better now. They are starting to unite and become closer as a group so it is awesome! It's too bad we couldn't have got them animated a couple months earlier... hahha. I´m happy for them though. We have the elders and high priests going to meet with less actives and members and investigators every Sunday! It's pretty awesome!! Let's see, oh mom can you send me the recipe of the baked ziti. I want to see if I can't make it down here :) We've made some banana bread and sugar cookies which were awesome so why not try out some other things too?? haha. Our investigators are doing good. We didn't have one come to church this week but the next week for sure! :) I don't know what else to say haha. pretty chill week. Today we are going to make an asado because there are some guys who finished the mission and are heading home so we are gonna eat a good hunk a meat with em! I´ll send some pics later so you can see them if I can with wifi or something. Well, I guess that's it, hope you guys have an awesome week and we'll see ya the next week!

Con amor, 

Elder Hakes