Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February 1, 2016

This week was a good one! It was a little cooler. There was a couple of rain storms throughout the week. So that made it a good week too! This next week is transfers so we'll see if I go or if i stay here another. I'm pretty sure I am going to leave though. Oh well, what can we do? haha. The ward is doing a lot better now. They are starting to unite and become closer as a group so it is awesome! It's too bad we couldn't have got them animated a couple months earlier... hahha. I´m happy for them though. We have the elders and high priests going to meet with less actives and members and investigators every Sunday! It's pretty awesome!! Let's see, oh mom can you send me the recipe of the baked ziti. I want to see if I can't make it down here :) We've made some banana bread and sugar cookies which were awesome so why not try out some other things too?? haha. Our investigators are doing good. We didn't have one come to church this week but the next week for sure! :) I don't know what else to say haha. pretty chill week. Today we are going to make an asado because there are some guys who finished the mission and are heading home so we are gonna eat a good hunk a meat with em! I´ll send some pics later so you can see them if I can with wifi or something. Well, I guess that's it, hope you guys have an awesome week and we'll see ya the next week!

Con amor, 

Elder Hakes

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