Friday, April 21, 2017

April 17, 2017

Hey family!!!
This week I am writing earlier so I don't forget to do it until the last moment ajajja. 
If there are people who are reading this and want to know how I'm doing. jajaj. Well, this week has been great! There was transfers but I didn't change and neither did my companion. So all good here in los Pinos. We are going to have a baptism here in 2 weeks. Claudia is doing really well. They have been going to church these past weeks and sharing the gospel with everyone. It's very interesting to see how the recent converts or investigators close to baptism like to share the testimony with everyone more than the members that are members for a long time or all their life. I think we should really take their example and follow it. We should be so focused in showing everyone who we are and how Christ has changed our lives. and how it can change theirs. It can be as simple as sending mormon messages, memes, inspiring messages (from mormon channel app), service, gifts with a little message.............etc. We have so many ways today to do missionary work. and we are the only ones who stop us from doing it. How easy would it be to send a little message to someone. To post an inspiring message in facebook. I think it would take less than 5 minutes. I think we could easily dedicate 5 minutes of our 360 minutes we have every day of our lives to God. I know it will bring greater joy and the love of God into our lives. I know that we will feel like we are missionaries because those who have desires to serve God are called to the work. DyC 4. Open your mouth and it will be filled with what ye should say DyC 100. 
There is no greater work in the world than the Lord's work. Nor one that brings greater happiness or blessings. I invite all of you to think how you can do missionary work every single day. One thing that you can do starting  today to share your testimony with another. And I promise that God will bless you. I know that these things are true and I share them with you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Con amor,

Elder Hakes

April 10, 2017

Hey !! 

So it's been an awesome week!!! We had a couple of investigators come to church this week and one of our investigators is inviting other people to come to church so that they can receive the blessings of God in their lives too!!! She is doing more missionary work than normal members!!! jajajja it's way awesome!! Super excited for her. She is going to be baptized in  2 weeks. week and a half ish. We are way excited for her. 

There was transfers but nothing happened with me. I will stay here until I go home mas probable. We are working a ton and I am so happy to see the results. :) We have found like 115 investigators in this past month and a half so we have lots of people to pass by and see if they want to keep listening or not. Lots we haven't been able to find again but we are working hard to help them progress. 

Can't believe I only have 9 weeks until I am home but what a blessing it is to have 9 and not 8 so I can keep teaching as a representative of Jesus Christ. :) 

I love missionary work. It's the best addiction that someone can have :) 

Hope you all have a great week! This week it is short because I forgot to write this letter until the last minute jajajaj sorry. Got to go!! Love you all!!!

Con amor,
Elder Hakes

Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017

Hey Family!!
It's been a way good week. It was a bit different this week with Conference. We saw it in our church instead of everyone going to the Stake center... So they watched it on the TV while I watched in English on a computer. It ended up being really good. We were able to work in between the sessions. We actually found someone Sunday  morning and brought her to the church to watch the conference!! That was awesome!! Lots of work to do and not enough time... We have found so many people that we don't have time to teach all of them... it's kind of weird... Never thought that I would get to this point. If the lesson falls through we go and we find 2 or 3 new people to listen. It's awesome because we are finding many people to teach but it's hard because there's no time to teach everyone.... I guess we'll need 2 more missionaries. ;) 
Let's see what else happened this week.... I don't remember much. The days are passing by like hours... Elder Bravo and I are always busy so it makes time pass by faster. We have transfers this Sunday. Can't believe a transfer has already passed by... I'm not sure what will happend with me but I'm sure I'll stay. Probably with my same comp. 
Conference was a great time to listen and hear what God wants of us but now it's time to put in practice all that they have taught us. I Really want to help the world be full with love so that no man, woman, child, stanger, person feels alone, sad, deserted. I really liked that quote from conference because it helps us remember our role as sons and daughters fo God. We must fill the World with his Love. Because the love of God can win any battle. I know that it is something that everyone of us can practice and do better. I think for me, that will be me goal. Love as God loves us. How can you show the love of God to those around you? Neighbor, friend, family, stranger? Go and do as the Lord commands for he giveth no commandment that we can not keep.
Con amor,

Elder Hakes

March 27, 2017

This week was a little crazy too.... jajaja. but its been good. 

We had a couple of investigators tell us what they really need to change to follow Christ. We have one that we need to help him with Pornography. It is so sad to see him and the affect it has on him in his family. NEVER EVER EVER do it. It destroys families. It is destroying this family. But we are going to help them so that the family doesn't get completely destroyed. We have been working a ton. We don't ever have free time jajaja. its awesome!! we always have a lesson to go to a family to pass by there's always something to do. I love being so busy. I want to stay like this the rest of my mission. I wonder if I'll stay here the rest of my mission. Not sure but I'm hoping so. 

How's the family doing?? good? Glad to hear that Greg and Brittini were able to seal their family. that's such a great blessing. It is one of the most important things that I think we can do in our lives. Be able to be sealed for eternity with our families. It is such a great blessing that few people know that they can have if they will just follow the example of Jesus Christ and come unto to him. Joining his church and doing as the prophet's command them to do. I know that God has called prophets in these days so that the families can be guided by them through the revelation that they have. I am so excited to hear from the prophets this week and to be able to know what God expects of me and wants me to do. I know that they are men called of God and given his priesthood to direct his church here in the earth. I know the Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. I know that as we follow his counsel we will come closer and closer to our Saviour. And we will get to know our God and Saviour through him. I know that these things are true and i share them with you in the name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour and redeemer. Amen.

March 20, 2017

Hola familia!!
It's been an awesome week!!! We have been working a ton. We have various investigators that are awesome!! that want to hear the lessons and come unto Christ so we are super animated for that and we are working very hard so that they have progress. It's been a good week :) It has also been very weird. We had 2 very interesting experiences... the first, we were in a lesson. We started off talking a little bit about what we had talked about the previous vez to help her remember what is faith and start talking about keep the sabbath day holy. So we talked about faith and then asked her to go grab her Book of Mormon to talk about Keep the Sabbath day Holy. She went inside and didn't come back out. Then her brother who we were waiting to come out finally came out. And he said hey I need some help planting these plants.. We were there like what??? We said we didn't have much time because we had another lesson and we were going to finish with them and then got to the other lesson so we asked him to go get his sister. And he didn't want to do it... he just stood there and was like, "I think she`s busy." and we said "can you just call her over so we can talk to her real quick and go" The same response. So we were like well, I guess we got to go.... so we left because it seems that she didn't want to listen... and him neither. Way weird.... We haven't been able to talk to her again... jajaja-  Second, we went to a lesson to see if we could teach something and the guy came out in his underwear. "I'm watching a super important game!! Can you come another day??!!! Tuesday at 6?" so I took out my agenda and said can it be like at 5 or 5:30?? and he closed the door. Then re opened the door and gave us the Book of Mormon and said we didn't read anything. See you the other day. Then he closed the door. Again we were like  what???????? jjajaajjaaj. but other than those 2 things we had a really good week!!! Lots of lessons, new investigators and people to teach :) We are always busy with something :) You have to love the missionary work :) 
Hope everyone is going good? I haven't heard how you all are doing with missionary work.... what have you all done this week???
Con amor,

Elder Hakes