Monday, April 3, 2017

March 13, 2017

I have had a great week. We had Zone conference, stake conference, and work work work jajaja. 
In the zone conference President Gotaes gave a lot of examples of how his mission has helped him to have success in his life. Also, how the things he learned there helped him to be able to run from the bad things of the world. To get out of bad situations. And have success in his life. I really liked it because he really talked from his heart and we could see how it helped him. I liked it a lot. And then in the stake conference they asked President and Hna Goates to talk there jajaja. So they Talked there too. They talked about our priorities of the things in our lives. Basically our purpose is to do what God asks of us. Now, if we don't do that we aren't doing what we should in this life. Our priorities should always be God then any other thing. God should always always always be first. President Goates answered the question of why do we have so many dificultades in our lives?? He explained when he took his daughter to go get the shots for flu and all those things that needs a young child. he remembers that she was sitting there and the doctor walked in with the needle and everything (without hiding it at all) and went straight for her and gave her the shot. She then cried and cried and President Goates and her locked eyes and she gave him the look of "how could you do this to me?? do you love me?? whyyyy??" He said he could never forget that look. then he spoke when she was bigger and she had an asthma attack and they had to take her to the hospital. They had to give her a shot to try to control her breathing and she was strong and the first shot didn't make her cry. You could see it hurt but didn't cry or give the look. Then they needed a 2nd for the critical circumstances that she was in. so they put another shot in the other leg. there it hurt more. and she was at the point of crying. But she still didn't get better. She needed another shot. This time she freaked out and said no no no. I cant do it!!! and four the drugs already in her body it gave her adrenalin so she wouldn't let them do it . She pushed and shoved and did anything so that they wouldn't give her the shot. The doctors looked at Pres. Goates. He knew what he had to do. He grabbed her and hugged her very tightly to his chest so she couldn't move. Even with all the adrenalin that the drugs gave her. Pres Goates was stronger and they gave her the third shot. She then got better and a day after came out of the hospital. Now, like this story God works in the same way. He gives us pruebas, trials, in our lives because he knows that it will be for our good. Like Pres Goates knew that the shots would bring her back to life and protect her in times of need. God does not give us trials in our lives because he hates us or because he wants to see us suffer. He does it because he loves us. He wants to protect us from future trials afflictions. Never forget who your FATHER in Heaven is. and the grand love he has for everyone of you. He loves you. Never forget that he loves you. He is always there for you in the most critical circumstances. Ask for his help and follow His son who will lead us to eternal happiness in our live. 
I love you all. Keep safe. Have an amazing week.
Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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