Monday, April 3, 2017

March 20, 2017

Hola familia!!
It's been an awesome week!!! We have been working a ton. We have various investigators that are awesome!! that want to hear the lessons and come unto Christ so we are super animated for that and we are working very hard so that they have progress. It's been a good week :) It has also been very weird. We had 2 very interesting experiences... the first, we were in a lesson. We started off talking a little bit about what we had talked about the previous vez to help her remember what is faith and start talking about keep the sabbath day holy. So we talked about faith and then asked her to go grab her Book of Mormon to talk about Keep the Sabbath day Holy. She went inside and didn't come back out. Then her brother who we were waiting to come out finally came out. And he said hey I need some help planting these plants.. We were there like what??? We said we didn't have much time because we had another lesson and we were going to finish with them and then got to the other lesson so we asked him to go get his sister. And he didn't want to do it... he just stood there and was like, "I think she`s busy." and we said "can you just call her over so we can talk to her real quick and go" The same response. So we were like well, I guess we got to go.... so we left because it seems that she didn't want to listen... and him neither. Way weird.... We haven't been able to talk to her again... jajaja-  Second, we went to a lesson to see if we could teach something and the guy came out in his underwear. "I'm watching a super important game!! Can you come another day??!!! Tuesday at 6?" so I took out my agenda and said can it be like at 5 or 5:30?? and he closed the door. Then re opened the door and gave us the Book of Mormon and said we didn't read anything. See you the other day. Then he closed the door. Again we were like  what???????? jjajaajjaaj. but other than those 2 things we had a really good week!!! Lots of lessons, new investigators and people to teach :) We are always busy with something :) You have to love the missionary work :) 
Hope everyone is going good? I haven't heard how you all are doing with missionary work.... what have you all done this week???
Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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