Saturday, November 26, 2016

November 21, 2016

How's it going???
It's going great here in Tupungato!! Kind of a crazy fun week. It was way hot all week. and guess what happened yesterday?? Everything changed it got way cold and during the last hour of church huge storm hit.... it started raining like crazy... slowed down when everyone left church. A couple hours after...... rain rain rain. all night. and almost the whole morning here... kind of crazy. But were doing good. Took out the good old coats again jajaja. 
Let's see. This last week we had and activity a mini mtc (member training center) but we had zonda that day. So lots of people didn't end up coming.Wwe were about 10 that were there. But the 10 that were there I believe understood their role as a member and are going to help us out a ton. Really good members. It was way fun!!Afterwards we ate facturas, chips and cookies with soda and jugo. It ended up being pretty awesome! Oh yea! a member got married Friday too so they had the wedding and all that it ended great! We have been working a ton this week. It's been awesome. This week we have exchanges with the assistants so that should be fun. Oh!! I forgot! Pres. Goates and Hna. Goates came to our Branch this week. They were visiting and it was way weird to see them more of normal members than like Pres. Goates who gives training and is in charge of everything. But it was cool! We enjoyed being with him for a little while there.
Yesterday I  had an awesome experience with the priesthood. We went to a house looking for a future investigator Luciana. And we ended up finding Juana! One of our investigators that was a reference from Hna. Gonzales. ( we didn't know where she lived because all of the lessons we had had were in the house of Hna. Gonzalez) She was in a moment of difficulty. She has to have an operation and a couple other things and was very scared of the things that could happen. So we decided to give her a blessing. She said she was okay with it. My companion did the anointing and I did the blessing. I don't remember all of the words that I said, but I do remember that I felt the spirit and the words that I said were not mine but His. I could feel it as the words came out of my mouth and in my heart. It was such a beautiful experience to feel the priesthood work through my body for the blessing of others. I hope that you priesthood holders never forget the power and authority that you have and that you need to keep worthy to have so that when God sends you in ways that you never knew you were going to go that you can bless the lives of them. Them who God has sent you to find, aid, love and support. I know that this is the only true church that has His same priesthood here in the earth so that His children may be blessed for it. This is His church. This is his flock. Let us be as God sees and hopes for us to be.
Love you all. Keep safe.
con amor,

Elder Hakes

November 14, 2016

It's been an awesome week!! and a crazy week. Yesterday my companion cut his face.... We were leaving lunch at a members house and the wire that they use to hang their clothes just happened to be barbed wire.... we didn't see it and he cut his face pretty good... but I'm all good! jajajaj. So don't worry about  me. We gave him a blessing and lots of neosporin :) I think I've used my medical bag more for my companions than for me.... I don't even remember the last time that I used it.... jajaja. oh well! 

So, what else happened this week... OH! President Goates did a special meeting with everyone talking about a talk About being consecrated missionaries. So we had read it and then we went to this meeting and he told us the things we needed to do to be more consecrated to the work. So yea! It was way good too! He made some changes for P day in the things we can and can't do now. So lots of changes. The mission is going really well too thanks to the meeting we had. I think it helped all the missionaries that felt lazy to pick up the slack and keep going. So that was awesome :) 

We have a activity this week. We are going to do a mini mtc again but here in Valle de Uco now. It's going to be awesome! It'll be a little different now and requiring that everyone goes out to talk and invite people. We are working a ton here in Tupungato. We have Valeria, Brissa, Maria, and Monica who are all close to baptism. They are working to get there. 3rd of december and 10 of dec. so we got to get to work! But who doesn't like a little work no??? jajaja. 

Well everything is going good with us. We came to get new glasses for my comp today so we are in Mendoza. We'll be heading back in 2 hours. so yea. I'm loving it here. Tupungato is like another city of Bolivia. I think almost everyone is from Bolivia. or their parents are from Bolivia. Kind of crazy but it's coool too. They work hard and are great people. But yea. That's what's happening with me right now. Everything is chill and full of work. Hope you guys are doing great. love you all!!!!

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

November 7, 2016

Hey mom!!!!

Ug... trying to think English and Spanish wants to come out... jajajja. Its been an awesome week!!!! We did an asado for my b day and a Sister from Lujan made a cake for me and E. Barrios brought it to the Meeting we had my b day in Mendoza. It was sooooooooo good.Well all of it jajja. We had asado for breakfast and lunch the next day jajaja. It was way good. 

In the Leadership meeting they decided that on Pdays we now cannot return to anterior areas to visit converts members no one.... :( Also they are not letting us buy Zone shirts from now on. So this is the last one I'll have. Here in Valle De Uco. but oh well. 

We also this last week destroyed the goals we had as a zone!! It was awesome!!! The mission found 82 more new investigators this week than our goal!!! That was awesome!! President Goates sent out a letter about being a Consecrated missionary and I think that's why a lot has changed. He is doing Meetings to talk about this in every zone. We have the meeting this Wednesday. He will also talk about pday.  I think they are going to change some things... I guess we'll see what this week jaja. 

We also had a baptism last week!!! It was awesome!! Oriana Fernandez got baptized. She has 9 years. Elder Astudillo and Camargo had activated the mom and I showed up to teach the daughter and then watch her get baptized. jaja. But we have a couple more in this next month!! It is going to be an awesome transfer :) 

I'm doing good. Having fun and working hard. what about you guys?? Getting ready for Thanksgiving?? Hope so! it's turkey time!! And by that I am not referring to cody this time ;) jajajaja. 

Hope you guys are doing great. Love you all a ton. 

Remember that reading the scriptures and praying everyday brings spiritual power into our lives and that we can be examples for others around us and help them to have this spiritual power and influence in their lives too. 

Love you and keep safe!! 

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October 31, 2016

I am in Tupungato. It's in the country. It's up in the mountains. We see the mountains everyday. It is so beautiful.... it is all green. The people are so nice. They say hi when you greet them. We have found many much people this week!! and we have a baptism the next week!!! So we are way excited. We have a posible 4 for this month if we can get them progressing and going to church :) My comp is a capo. Elder Astudillo. I got to know him when I started the mission but not as a companion. But we get along really well and we are working a ton!! That's what I like :) Tomorow we will be in leadership council all day.... And then we get back to the pench to change and go to ward council to come back to the pench. jajaj. I think we are going to make an asado :) I might take out a bit of money to do that. Heads up. I can't believe tomorow is my B day.... I feel kinda weird... I don't really know anyone here to celebrate it with them so I guess I'll just do it with my comp but its weird.. Doesn't feel like its been another year... I'm getting old. I am going to leave the teens.... jajja. but that's okay :) 

Sounds like Cody had some fun with Mesa jajaja. They always want to fight and play cheap... oh well. Cody went to fight??????? That's what I want to know!! or there was sufficient people there?? 

Emssy ending volley ball... she is probably going to cry... jajaja. 

23 new people in the ward???? I didn't think we could get any bigger!!!! jajajaja.

Yesterday we gave more blessings to people than I ever have in my life in one day... jajaj. I think we gave like 5 blessings... it was awesome :) I think I have prayed almost 1000000000 times this week jajja. They like to ask the newbee to do the prayers and everyone seemed to jump on that train jajaja. but I guess I need the blessings ;) Its been a great week. I am way excited to get working this week and have some fun working hard. Hope you guys are doing great. I love you all very much andIi thank you all for everything that you have done to teach me to be a better man and person in this world. I really dont know where I would be without the support of the greatest family and friends in the world. Thank you. Have an excellent week and share what makes you happy and what gives you joy this week with the people in your paths. keep safe :)

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

October 24, 2016

It just poured cats and dogs today... like out of no where.... jajaja.

It's been a fun week!! We had a baptims and a mini mtc ( hence the reason for so many name tags) it was awesome!!! Way fun day. It was all in one. from 5-9 PM. Everyone loved it and I think they learned a lot. We didnt have a lot of young men and women but maybe next time. Well not for me........ I got transfered!!!!!!!!!! :( We were just getting everything working way way well here in Lujan and now I'm off to Tupungato... But it is way beautiful there is what I'm told so that should be cool. I just didn't want to leave this area. We just had gotten 8 Ward Missionaries and we were training them these last weeks to get working and now they have to go...... so I'm sad but I guess that's life... The Lord only knows why I am needed in Tupungato. But I'm excited anyways!!! It should be fun!! E. Romero, E. Lujan and E. Castillo head home tomorrow so there goes a lot of good friends I have made in the mission but I guess it's time to make new ones right?? I wrote a Play of the Restoration to use in lessons so we are going to see how it turns out :) should be fun!! especially when there are lots of children!! Well, theres not much more to talk about. jajaja. hope you all have a great week and ill see you all in a week!!! Love you!!

Con amor,
Elder Hakes