Saturday, November 26, 2016

November 21, 2016

How's it going???
It's going great here in Tupungato!! Kind of a crazy fun week. It was way hot all week. and guess what happened yesterday?? Everything changed it got way cold and during the last hour of church huge storm hit.... it started raining like crazy... slowed down when everyone left church. A couple hours after...... rain rain rain. all night. and almost the whole morning here... kind of crazy. But were doing good. Took out the good old coats again jajaja. 
Let's see. This last week we had and activity a mini mtc (member training center) but we had zonda that day. So lots of people didn't end up coming.Wwe were about 10 that were there. But the 10 that were there I believe understood their role as a member and are going to help us out a ton. Really good members. It was way fun!!Afterwards we ate facturas, chips and cookies with soda and jugo. It ended up being pretty awesome! Oh yea! a member got married Friday too so they had the wedding and all that it ended great! We have been working a ton this week. It's been awesome. This week we have exchanges with the assistants so that should be fun. Oh!! I forgot! Pres. Goates and Hna. Goates came to our Branch this week. They were visiting and it was way weird to see them more of normal members than like Pres. Goates who gives training and is in charge of everything. But it was cool! We enjoyed being with him for a little while there.
Yesterday I  had an awesome experience with the priesthood. We went to a house looking for a future investigator Luciana. And we ended up finding Juana! One of our investigators that was a reference from Hna. Gonzales. ( we didn't know where she lived because all of the lessons we had had were in the house of Hna. Gonzalez) She was in a moment of difficulty. She has to have an operation and a couple other things and was very scared of the things that could happen. So we decided to give her a blessing. She said she was okay with it. My companion did the anointing and I did the blessing. I don't remember all of the words that I said, but I do remember that I felt the spirit and the words that I said were not mine but His. I could feel it as the words came out of my mouth and in my heart. It was such a beautiful experience to feel the priesthood work through my body for the blessing of others. I hope that you priesthood holders never forget the power and authority that you have and that you need to keep worthy to have so that when God sends you in ways that you never knew you were going to go that you can bless the lives of them. Them who God has sent you to find, aid, love and support. I know that this is the only true church that has His same priesthood here in the earth so that His children may be blessed for it. This is His church. This is his flock. Let us be as God sees and hopes for us to be.
Love you all. Keep safe.
con amor,

Elder Hakes

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