Saturday, December 24, 2016

November 29, 2016

Hey so I'm writing today because there was no cyber open yesterday.... it's because we're in Tupungato which is very small and there aren't cybers open. So we had to wait until today jajaj. oh well. Hope no one freaked out thinking I died. I'm still alive and very well! jajaja. 

It's been a great week. It passed by very very fast. We had 2 intercambios. One with the Assistants to presidente and one right when we got back from there with the district leader we have in our zone. We celebrated a little of Thanksgiving with an asado!! That was way fun :) and tasty! I didn't do a turkey because 1st don't know how. 2nd don't know where to buy a turkey here in Argentina. Not sure they have them... We had 5 investigators come to church this last week!! A Whole family!!! Then Monday we played soccer with them for a couple hours. I made baked ziti for us. I think it turned out way good! I just took a little more time than I wanted to because we didn't have very many bowls or pans to cook. jajaja. But it was fun! I think I like cooking... kind of weird no?? Seeing as I'm a guy and that's not normal for guys to like cooking. Oh well.

We had a fun activity this last week to laung Ilumina el Mundo or Light the World. We watched all of the old Christmas videos and then the new one to end it and inviting everyone to do the 25 ways in 25 days. It was awesome!! We had about 20 members there and they all promised to do it. This Thursday we are going to start with the Day of service 1 of Dec. We are going to do a service as a Quorum of elders. I'm super excited to keep doing this and get to work. This year God through modern day Prophets has asked us to Light the World with our light for 25 days. (well we know it isn't only for 25 days but always Lighting the World) What a great opportunity to Follow the example of Christ and Do has he would do, the will of the father. It's interesting that every year they have had videos that make us feel good and happy and the spirit of christmas and this year it's the same. Except no we are invited to ACT. To bring the Light of Christ into the lives of those who don't have it or that their light is dwindling. Light that is hid under a bushel can not light the world. Put it on the table so it can light the whole house Matt 5 14-16. Let us be the Light for everyone this year doing as God wants us to do, LIGHT THE WORLD. 

Con mucho amor,

Elder Hakes

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