Saturday, December 24, 2016

December 19, 2016

About the radio? Well everyday we go and talk on the radio. We talk about the day and the activity for the day for example. Yesterday was Keep the sabbath day holy. So we talked about how we keep the sabbath day holy and what we were going to do to do that activity ! Its way cool!! We are kind of like famous in Tupungato now... it's interesting... We go and talk with the people and they say. "hey, you're those people that talk on the radio about Light the World and all these activities to do right??" and then we say yes and it's a lot easier to talk to the people explaining our experience seeing what they are doing to do the activity. Its way fun!! I love the experience!!! We go everyday at 10:30 to go and talk on the radio. I don't know if you guys would be able to hear it from there or if you could find it through internet?? Maybe?? You'd have to check it out and see how it works. Its 97.9 The West. Juan Carlos Radio. Maybe in facebook you could look him up or email or something like that?? I know he told me that he had a facebook for his radio. The other day we gave him a book Of Mormon and he read a little bit. Not too much but it was cool to see that he read. Also, We sang. Like Live on the radio!!! hahahahaha. I know, I can't believe that I sang live on the radio... Me my comp, and the Sister missionaries. We all sang Silent night for the 15th which was Jesus worshiped through singing activity. So way fun!!! i tried to record it but the camera shut off... :( :( They said that it sounded great when we asked the people. Which really surprised me ajajaja. but oh well!! 
It's been a great week. Now we are looking forward to this week and the success that can come from this time so close to Christmas!!! Cant believe it's Christmas and I am going to be talking to you guys in 6 days.... I feel like time is passing by too fast. I am almost the oldest missionary in my zone..... THAT MAKES ME FEEL OLD AND WEIRD. I don't want to be old in the mission yet... I feel like I showed up yesterday and now I am  17 months in the mission... How does time pass by so fast?? Oh well. It means we have to take advantage of every moment right?? That's my plan. 
So question. What are you guys doing to Light the World?? With who have you shared it?? With a neighbor?? a less active?? a non member??? And with who more could you share it?? We have 6 days until the activity ends but we should never lose this energy to Light the World. It is what God wants from us so I think we should do it. 
I love you guys a ton. Thanks for who you are. Be the light that you are and shine that light to all those around you. Be safe. and have a great week!!
Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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