Saturday, December 24, 2016

December 5, 2016

Hey Family!!! So this week was crazy.... lots of work to do... Lots of meetings... we had leadership council. then I did my BYU stuff....applied for BYU.... then Thursday weekly planning and we started talking on the radio!!! We go everyday talking about the activity for the day.Like today that is Jesus Christ healed the sick and you can do it to. So we invited everyone to do the same thing. and we give them the ideas on the paper and the ideas that we have so that they can also go along doing it!! It was way awesome and is way awesome. I think you can look it up and listen on internet to 97.9 the west radio. I am speaking in Spanish but you can hear my voice jajaja. It is way fun. I am now getting more used to it. It was nerve racking in the beginning but I feel more confident now. There are 30,000 people that listen to the radio. So it's just a couple of people jajaja. But its way fun. 

We also had Zone meeting and a baptism in Cordón De Plata (another area). So it was crazy crazy crazy. Today we woke up at 6:30 and were out the door to go by the tickets for 2 hermanas and 1 elder who were heading to mendoza. 2 going home and one left for transfers. I stay this transfer. my comp leaves and I am receiving a new zone leader. We'll see what I can do to woop him into shape ;) jajaja joke joke. Should be fun. I am excited to help him out. Me and E. Sorenson are the only 2 who are staying in our district. President decided to wash my district again jajaj. I don't know why. It always seems to happen. I show up. We get everyone working hard and bye. There they go. jajaja. oh well I have new people to work with now :) 

So, how are we going with Light the World?? Are you guys doing it??? Me and my comp are doing it. My goal is to take a pic of every day and what we do to complete the goal:) should be fun!! and you guys??? Have you shared it with a friend?? I`d like to hear about it!! Well, hope you are doing well, and I love you all!! Keep safe!!

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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