Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

MOMMMMM!! Im alive!!! hahaha. Hows it going??? Life is good here! 

So many things happened this past week and I am unsure if I can describe all of them... hahaha. So, after I talked to you guys for 5 minutes in the Georgia airport, I went back to the terminal we were supposed to be leaving from and Elder Montague came up to me and said he just passed out a pass along card to this guy and talked a little about the Book of Mormon and the guy was interested and so I said, I have a Book of Mormon! Let's go give it to him! So, we went and gave it to him and talked to him a little more about it and what it was and all that. We told him we'd be back in 2 years and he better have read it and then he said I'll have read 2 or 3 times by then! haha. He was funny :) 

Then we got on the plane and me and Elder Anderson were talking to this Argentine next to us about Argentina. He knew English so it made it a lot easier. We shared with him why we were going to Argentina for 2 years because he asked what we were doing and then I gave him a pass along card. He was a nice guy. I got like 5 hours of sleep on the plane. 

Tuesday morning we got to Argentina in Buenos Aires and found the church official. He took us to a different airport that would send us to Mendoza because Buenos Aires is just international I believe. We passed the Buenos Aires temple as we drove.  We got there and met up with missionaries from the Buenos Aires MTC and then went to the terminal. Took a bus out too the plane.... which was a little weird but cool at the same time..... boarded the plane and flew to San Juan and then to Mendoza which was about 3 hours. Met the president at the airport, went to his house and ate lasagna and got to know him a bit, then to a hotel. 

Wednesday was training and we got to see the Cerro de Gloria which is a cool statue! You'll have to look up the meaning of it sometime. Then we went to where we hope the Mendoza temple will be built. The church has bought land but hasn't announced it or anything. Did AlB which is in English.... open the mouth.... or essentially walking the streets and knocking on doors. We got 2 or 3 contacts in 2 hours which was awesome!! Then back to the hotel. 

Thursday we met our trainers in the afternoon and went to our areas. That all happened in the afternoon. The missionaries left our pension really messy so we have a lot of cleaning to do.. haha. We just bought a bunch of supplies. 

Friday we went out to work! We met the bishop and ward mission leader which was fun kind of... 

Argentine is really hard to understand because they don't pronounce their words very well.. they kind of slur everything together and talk really fast! hahaha.... and they don't have a ton of the SHH. Buenos Aires is where they mainly do that. The rest of Argentina doesn't use it for every double ll or y. The people are really nice here and good people. Every time I see someone I say hi, how's it going.... and mostly everyone says hi back even though I am this huge white ginger gringo that doesn't fit in their culture!! haha. lets see... 

My companion is Elder Pinedo and he is Peruvian! He is way north in Peru like almost to Ecuador... I believe is what he said. He only knows a little English so it can be fun trying to talk to him and describe different things but we can usually figure out what we want to say to each other haha. 

Empanadas are good and so is the pasta! We had stake conference too and what I could understand from the Spanish they were using is that they talked about keeping the Sabbath Day holy is very important. Yep, that's pretty much all I can remember hahha. It's all good though. 

I can't decide if i like Bidays yet.. They are kinda really weird... hahaha. People here really like them so i guess I have to get used to them. 

I am in Mendoza the city in a place called Favorita. It is a pretty good place. Way different than what I'm used to, but that's okay haha. 

Glad Cody is doing well and that Toro football is doing well. And the only reason you won in ticket to ride is because I wasn't there to beat you!! ;) hahha. Tell Emily congrats on being captain and to have fun with volleyball!! Tell Brent I said hi and David and Ness and Jace and baby Hakes soon to be and Dad and Jennie and Joe and everyone else oh and Ruby. 

I don't know what else to talk about.. hahha. Oh, when I start writing my journals at night my brain will switch from Spanish to English so my journal is a little of Spanglish right now! haha. It's hard to decide what I want to buy food wise at stores because I don't know how food words translate into Spanish hahaha. It's alright though because my companion is kinda cooking and helping out with that. 

Well, I love you guys and can´t wait to talk to you guys next week!! Nos Vemos!!!

Con amor,
Elder Hakes


Quick story about el don de lenguas..... gift of tongues. 

We were teaching a person yesterday and I was struggling a little that day with speaking and listening to what the people were saying in Spanish. And then when we were teaching Hermana Gonzalez, I could understand her and parts of what she was saying really well and I was able to speak and testify of God's plan for us in our life and what the plan of salvation was and how it could apply to her. So I guess what I have to say is, always trust the Lord. He doesn't always help us in the exact moment we think he should but in his own time when he knows it will benefit us most. In moments to allow us to grow and overcome our weaknesses if we choose the right and do as he commands us to do.

Love you mom and I hope you have an amazing day :)


Monday, August 24, 2015

August 22, 2015

Love you too! It's crazy thinking David is going to the Shabin.. He didn't even want to go with me!!! And I was about to leave for 2 years!! Punk!! ;) hahaha.

I don't remember if I told you guys about this but I figured I'd tell you again because I just remembered it again. So when I was sitting in the airport after I left you guys and got through security and all of that I sat down and was waiting for the flight with a bunch of other missionaries. Then, this business guy sitting next to me started talking to me and asking why we were all there and dressed up and all of that so I got to tell him what missionaries are and what we are all about!! It was really cool experience to talk to someone and see what they thought of missionaries. He thought it was really cool and was surprised that we had been going out at such a young age and for such a long time!! hahha. I didn't share anything spiritual like I was supposed to, but I hope that I planted a seed!! 

I have a lot of stories this time around now that I wrote stuff down so we will see if I can get them all done!! So I hear if you put a bunch of rubber bands on a watermelon it cuts it straight in half.... don't know if it works, but could be fun to try!! Guess that's a Utah thing?? 

Ummm.... one of the days this week our teacher didn't show up to class and we were all confused because he isn't the kind of guy that doesn't show up and not tell anyone. So we had some other teacher come teach us and he was pretty cool. His name was Brother Clark I believe. Later that night both of our teachers showed up, our other teacher and the one that was supposed to be there in the afternoon hahha. So, I guess they had a miscommunication and so they both weren't supposed to be there that night or something I don't know. They got it all fixed the rest of the week hahaha. 

Oh yea, We sang with the Nashville Tribute Band on Sunday and it was awesome!!! It was sooo much fun to do. I wish we could have done it more because their music is fun and spiritual at the same time. 

I got the photo book and pants so thank you!! Have Brent think about what he did with his wallet and debit card and all that because I want to know what he thinks I should do and what he did. Because I don't want to get all my stuff stolen and I would like to hear what he did. 

We gave to blessings this week because some guys have been feeling sick. It was awesome to be able to use the priesthood God gave us to use. We did the anointing in Spanish and blessing in English. It was really cool. 

Hermano Voss left this last Friday for Texas. He was our teacher. Now he is going to teach Ceramics and art in Texas at Macarthur!! hahaha. Funny how that name is the same as our elem elementary school. 

Tell papa that I loved the letter he sent this week. I really liked the story about the bike and how Christ is there to make up for what we can't repay to God and him for all they have done. I also liked how it said we can never be perfect. I always thought that missionaries were these perfect little human beings that never do anything wrong, but they are humans too. Not all missionaries have an amazing testimony of every principle in the church. It just helped me relax a little and not focus on trying to be a perfect missionary and just try to grow closer to God in any way I can. I have always loved the story of the violin that looked old and no one would buy it at the auction because it looked bad and then a man out of no where goes to play it and does an amazing job showing that with the masters touch, something that looks so ugly and worthless can be the most amazing instrument. I love that story a lot. Thanks Papa and Grandma for every letter they are always so uplifting and help me with something I need. I am going to miss being able to get them in dear elder and read them a couple of times... That's okay though. 

Oh yea, so like 2-3 out of every district besides ours had a re assignment because of visas not being ready. We are the only district that has everyone going where they are supposed to be going!! That was pretty cool!! Yesterday we had in field orientation which was 9 hours long.... it was a lot better than I thought it would be. We actually learned a lot about working with members and some other stuff. 

So, there is this thing in the MTC called spooning and it is not the spooning you are probably thinking of right at this moment. It is where you put a metal spoon in someones pocket with out them knowing. So, Elder Francom was sitting in the middle aisle and the speaker walked through the middle aisle and would be talking while everyone was looking at the projector screen and what was on there. So, guess what Elder Francom had, a spoon!! So he spooned the Speaker without the speaker even knowing it!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHA!!! Oh, it was so funny and all of us were dying once he walked away. We couldn't hold it in!! They have tried to get me a couple of times with no success hahahha. I guess I have sensitive legs or something. 

Man, I have written a lot of stuff in this letter.... hahaha. Never thought it would be this long... 

Tell Denice girl thank you for sending Curt's letter again. It is always fun to here from that knucklehead. 

The Spanish guy that looks over how we are doing Spanish wise when we take little Spanish tests said I am at an intermediate level which probably means instead of knowing 3 words when I show up in Argentina I will know 5!! hahha!! 

Jennie and Joe wrote me this week which was fun to hear from them!!  Glad they both have jobs and are getting started. Can't believe I got Joe to laugh, must be funnier than I thought! :) 

Oh we had a tie draft 2 nights ago!! I traded a tie that Aunt Lisa sent that was like 3 bucks for a nice yellow tie!! It was Awesome!!! I'll see if I can send that pic or if it is too large.. 

Well, I love you guys and I can't wait to get on the plane in like 2 days!!! Crazy stuff!! I plan on giving out an English and Spanish Book of Mormon on the planes so we will see how it goes!!! It is really exciting and I can't wait to get out and not know anything anyone is saying and that randomly say hey " la iglesia es verdadera, Amen." hahaha :) 

Love you guys and can't wait to hear from you guys again in a week!! 

Con amor,
Elder Hakes 

Monday, August 17, 2015

August 15, 2015

Hey mom!!!!

I got my flight plans!!!!!! I leave the 24th!! That is like 10 days from now!!!! I leave from Salt Lake City at 1:50 to Georgia. have a 2 hour lay over there at around 8-10 P.M. and the off to Argentina!! I fly to Buenos Aires and then it doesn't say anything except find the church authority person and he will tell you where to go from there. So, probably another 13 hour of busing!! hahhaha. fun stuff... I might have to pass out a couple of Libro De Mormon's! 

117 degrees at home!!!! That's insane!! It's been pretty hot up here too but I sure am glad it wasn't that hot!!!! hahahha!! Tell Emily Congrats!! Same with Aunt Jen and another kid!! Do you think she could send me gurus's fries?? hahaha ;) just kidding..... but kind of not.... but it's okay. I don't need them... Tell Brent congrats on the job and way to get a job!! If Jace wouldn't touch everything he wouldn't burn himself!!! Hahaha. I love that little dude!! Good thing he didn't try to eat it cuz that would have been reaaaalllly bad!! When does Cody start his games?? Emmy too?? Of course you guys hosted the pool party for mutual... You did it once and now it is your Calling!!! hahahha. oh man... fun stuff.. I wish I could see U of A play!! Yhat's alright though. I just expect to hear that Aswho loses again this year!!! 

Oh there is this really cool thing we are doing for choir this week!! On Tuesday we are singing with this group called the Nashville Tribute Band!!! It's awesome!!! They take like churchy things and turn them into country songish stuff!! I don't know how to explain it!! hahaha. We are singing "Johns song", "I was born" and some other one that is like "Hardest thing I ever done". The last one is about missionaries. First one is John the baptist and the second one is missionary.... I believe. It should be fun though!! 

That's weird that the travel department didn't have my FBI clearance report... I hope that doesn't mess anything up... because then I wouldn't be able to go to Argentina with everyone... Lets see.... um... Man I can't think of anything right now.. hahaha. every week seems like the same thing now.. hahahha. They had the gym closed so we weren't able to play basketball all week but my soccer is getting better :) It's going to need to be!! hahaha.

Tell papa thanks for another awesome letter!! I really liked the scriptures and some of the quotes he gave me. They really made me think a little bit differently about some things. I can't remember the quote but I am definitely going to go look at it again. It was about the Holy Ghost. I think it was a definition. I just remember being like wow.... that is awesome. hahaha. I thought I brought the letter with me but turns out I grabbed Elder Anderson's.... hope he didn't need it!! hahahah. He shouldn't be too angry :) 

I don't think I really need anything else.. Gary and Lisa sent me pringles and purple ties for a pringle purple tie party!!! It was awesome :) Thank you Gary and Lisa and your family!!! I let like 4 people use my ties yesterday!! hahaha I have a pic that I'll send in a little bit! It's pretty awesome :) I think you will like it ;) 

We had our last lesson with our TRC this week... that is a little sad even though I know he is not a real investigator.. I took a pic with him though!! haha his name is Samuel. What else has happened this week..... I need to start writing it down on a piece of paper so I can remember what I want to say!!! hahha. Did David finish his last test yet?? How's Greg's house coming?? Are they done and did they make it in?? I am definitely glad that I am not starting school this past week.. Even though I'm in missionary school this is much better!! 

Oh yea!! So, we were talking in district meeting this Sunday about the gospel and then someone said it was a recipe and we just kept going on with the lesson and didn't really talk about that at all. But I kept thinking about it and the gospel is like a recipe for cookies. Everyone likes their cookies in a little bit different of a way tho right? It's the same with the gospel. Everyone needs a little bit different things. Maybe one person needs a teaspoon of "God is our loving Heavenly Father" but need a whole bag of "Atonement sugar". You can't expect everyone to have the same needs or recipe. You have to work with that investigator and get them to show you their "recipe" little by little and then by the time it's time to cook the cookies (baptism) you have the full recipe to prepare them and make them at the perfect temperature and time to make them have the best "cookie" they have ever wanted.      I just  thought that was a cool way to think of it because it really is true that everyone has their own needs and we need to figure them out and help them in every way we can. One ingredient at a time. 

In priesthood we talked about what the most precious thing in the world is. Like what is the one thing that you can't live without?? Water. you can't live 3 days with out water. Everyday you need water or your body doesn't function in the way that it needs to function. I compare water to Christ. With out Christ in our lives every single day what is our purpose?? What is life like with out Christ in it?? It is no bueno. Es muy muy mal. But with Christ, it is the best days of your life!! 

I love the MTC :) Tt lets you sit back and think about life and the gospel in ways you never have before. It's just awesome. I see so many more things in the scriptures and my life that I have been blessed with since I have tried to become Christ's epistle. 

I love you guys and hope everyone is doing awesome!! Never forget how important the gospel is in your lives. We need it everyday. Put on that suit of armor and keep going. Who cares what Satan throws at you. YOU guys are HAKES'S and you are God's children, with him and through Christ you can do anything you set your mind to. Never forget that. Have an amazing week guys and I  love you all!!

Con amor,
Elder Hakes

Monday, August 10, 2015

August 8, 2015

What is this??? You start going to the shabin every weekend after I leave???? Wow...... hahaha. Glad you guys are having fun :) It would have been fun to go a couple more times. I hope to see some more done when I get back!! 

Let's see... oh yea so there was this pretty cool guy that gave a talk on Tuesday.. Let's see what was his name... Oh yea, he's just like the new President of the Quorum of the Twelve apostles!!!! Yea!! Russell M. Nelson came and spoke to us with his wife!! We heard his first talk as President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles!!! It was awesome!! It was about how we can be epistles of the Lord. He talked about how the people we teach's ancestors are going to be pleading and hoping that you knock on their doors and teach them the gospel because they want their posterity to receive the blessings of the gospel. I had never really thought about it that way but it makes total sense!! He is an awesome apostle of the Lord. 

What else... oh yea! Tell "De-nice" and Curtis and their whole family thank you for the cupcakes!! They tasted soooooo good!! My room was happy to get them. Also, Elder Nielson's mom sent some pringles for me through a box she sent to Elder Nielson! I heard she reads my blog so Thank you Sister Nielson for the pringles!! 

That's crazy that Emily and Cody are starting school already.... It felt like it was so far away for them before I left and now they are almost there!! crazy stuff... Time is flying here in the MTC. It's so crazy.. like yesterday we were all like "is it like only Wednesday??" and then someone was like "It's Friday and tomorow's PDay!!" It just goes by so fast... 

My Spanish is getting a lot better which is good!! I am able to listen more to what the people are saying easier and teach more according to their needs which is really cool because like 2 weeks ago I didn't know much of what they said and just kept going with the lesson!! Oh yea, me and Elder Nielson did a Spanish only day wear we talked in solemente Espanol y no ingles! It was pretty good! We slipped up a couple of times but it was pretty fun to try and only speak Spanish and i think it helped me to be able to speak better in Spanish a bit. We are doing that again on Wednesday but this time I'll do it all day!! It's kinda weird when I just start talking in Spanish or start writing and Spanish and I don't even notice... It's so weird... hahaha It's good tho!! 

Oh!! Tell Brent I met his companion in the MTC!! He was dropping off his brother and I was hosting which means I help the new Elders get all their books, find their residence, and take them to class, and I was going to one Elder and his brother was like Elder Hakes?? Did you have a brother that went to Mexico on his mission and I was like yea!! And he said he was companions with Brent in the CCM!! Elder Parker was his name I believe!! I also met Dalton and big Mike's parents cousin I believe is what she said. One of the family members had an All-Blacks jersey on and I talked to them for a second and they said they had a cousin in Mesa named the Holla's and I was like "I know them!!!" it was pretty fun to host and I definitely wouldn't mind doing it again!! :) 

Oh yea, so I am smarter than the smartest guy in the world. Stephen Hawkins I believe is his name.. Yea, so our choir teacher was telling us about how Stephen Hawkins had a movie explaining how the world was formed and at the end he said something like to my conclusion there is no God. So already one upped the smartest guy in world!! So, did you guys and everyone else who knows their is a God and he is our Heavenly Father because he is and he did create this world and allowed us to come to learn and grow closer to him because he loves us and wants us to be with him again. The choir teacher Brother Eggart I believe is his name, is an awesome guy. He is such a good guy and always shares some amazing spiritual story :) 

I hope Brent finds a job sometime soon... hahaha. He needs to get to work and stop playing around so much!! Also, tell him to email me or dear elder me! David too. Could you get me Hayden Harvey's too?? Austin said hi to me which was an awesome surprise!! I'm glad he is doing well. Thanks for the awesome little quotes about Peter too!! And your awesome quote about him. It was nice to hear :) 

Man.. its hard to think of everything what you want to say once its today .. haha. every other day you have a good idea and then you are sitting here and words came out. I feel bad... I know grandma and papa sent me an awesome email but I cant remember what I was going to say about it and what it was about... I read it to early in the week.. I'll re read it again and read their next one again before I come to email again. Sorry I forgot... It's hard to remember all the info you shove into your head in a week.. hahaha. 

I love you guys and I hope all is going well. Oh yea!! Jennie emailed me this week!! Thanks for the news update on how you guys are doing and everything going on in Wyoming!! Thanks for the little funny stories about some of the things they do there! It gave me a little laugh and smile! Tell Joe I only got about an hour left of my mission ;) (It's a family joke for those of you who don't know.) No worries I am not actually coming home in an hour!! 

Oh, I think we get our flight plans on Friday for Argentina!! It's exciting stuff!!! Love you guys and hope everyone is having fun!! 

Elder Hakes