Monday, August 17, 2015

August 15, 2015

Hey mom!!!!

I got my flight plans!!!!!! I leave the 24th!! That is like 10 days from now!!!! I leave from Salt Lake City at 1:50 to Georgia. have a 2 hour lay over there at around 8-10 P.M. and the off to Argentina!! I fly to Buenos Aires and then it doesn't say anything except find the church authority person and he will tell you where to go from there. So, probably another 13 hour of busing!! hahhaha. fun stuff... I might have to pass out a couple of Libro De Mormon's! 

117 degrees at home!!!! That's insane!! It's been pretty hot up here too but I sure am glad it wasn't that hot!!!! hahahha!! Tell Emily Congrats!! Same with Aunt Jen and another kid!! Do you think she could send me gurus's fries?? hahaha ;) just kidding..... but kind of not.... but it's okay. I don't need them... Tell Brent congrats on the job and way to get a job!! If Jace wouldn't touch everything he wouldn't burn himself!!! Hahaha. I love that little dude!! Good thing he didn't try to eat it cuz that would have been reaaaalllly bad!! When does Cody start his games?? Emmy too?? Of course you guys hosted the pool party for mutual... You did it once and now it is your Calling!!! hahahha. oh man... fun stuff.. I wish I could see U of A play!! Yhat's alright though. I just expect to hear that Aswho loses again this year!!! 

Oh there is this really cool thing we are doing for choir this week!! On Tuesday we are singing with this group called the Nashville Tribute Band!!! It's awesome!!! They take like churchy things and turn them into country songish stuff!! I don't know how to explain it!! hahaha. We are singing "Johns song", "I was born" and some other one that is like "Hardest thing I ever done". The last one is about missionaries. First one is John the baptist and the second one is missionary.... I believe. It should be fun though!! 

That's weird that the travel department didn't have my FBI clearance report... I hope that doesn't mess anything up... because then I wouldn't be able to go to Argentina with everyone... Lets see.... um... Man I can't think of anything right now.. hahaha. every week seems like the same thing now.. hahahha. They had the gym closed so we weren't able to play basketball all week but my soccer is getting better :) It's going to need to be!! hahaha.

Tell papa thanks for another awesome letter!! I really liked the scriptures and some of the quotes he gave me. They really made me think a little bit differently about some things. I can't remember the quote but I am definitely going to go look at it again. It was about the Holy Ghost. I think it was a definition. I just remember being like wow.... that is awesome. hahaha. I thought I brought the letter with me but turns out I grabbed Elder Anderson's.... hope he didn't need it!! hahahah. He shouldn't be too angry :) 

I don't think I really need anything else.. Gary and Lisa sent me pringles and purple ties for a pringle purple tie party!!! It was awesome :) Thank you Gary and Lisa and your family!!! I let like 4 people use my ties yesterday!! hahaha I have a pic that I'll send in a little bit! It's pretty awesome :) I think you will like it ;) 

We had our last lesson with our TRC this week... that is a little sad even though I know he is not a real investigator.. I took a pic with him though!! haha his name is Samuel. What else has happened this week..... I need to start writing it down on a piece of paper so I can remember what I want to say!!! hahha. Did David finish his last test yet?? How's Greg's house coming?? Are they done and did they make it in?? I am definitely glad that I am not starting school this past week.. Even though I'm in missionary school this is much better!! 

Oh yea!! So, we were talking in district meeting this Sunday about the gospel and then someone said it was a recipe and we just kept going on with the lesson and didn't really talk about that at all. But I kept thinking about it and the gospel is like a recipe for cookies. Everyone likes their cookies in a little bit different of a way tho right? It's the same with the gospel. Everyone needs a little bit different things. Maybe one person needs a teaspoon of "God is our loving Heavenly Father" but need a whole bag of "Atonement sugar". You can't expect everyone to have the same needs or recipe. You have to work with that investigator and get them to show you their "recipe" little by little and then by the time it's time to cook the cookies (baptism) you have the full recipe to prepare them and make them at the perfect temperature and time to make them have the best "cookie" they have ever wanted.      I just  thought that was a cool way to think of it because it really is true that everyone has their own needs and we need to figure them out and help them in every way we can. One ingredient at a time. 

In priesthood we talked about what the most precious thing in the world is. Like what is the one thing that you can't live without?? Water. you can't live 3 days with out water. Everyday you need water or your body doesn't function in the way that it needs to function. I compare water to Christ. With out Christ in our lives every single day what is our purpose?? What is life like with out Christ in it?? It is no bueno. Es muy muy mal. But with Christ, it is the best days of your life!! 

I love the MTC :) Tt lets you sit back and think about life and the gospel in ways you never have before. It's just awesome. I see so many more things in the scriptures and my life that I have been blessed with since I have tried to become Christ's epistle. 

I love you guys and hope everyone is doing awesome!! Never forget how important the gospel is in your lives. We need it everyday. Put on that suit of armor and keep going. Who cares what Satan throws at you. YOU guys are HAKES'S and you are God's children, with him and through Christ you can do anything you set your mind to. Never forget that. Have an amazing week guys and I  love you all!!

Con amor,
Elder Hakes

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