Monday, August 24, 2015

August 22, 2015

Love you too! It's crazy thinking David is going to the Shabin.. He didn't even want to go with me!!! And I was about to leave for 2 years!! Punk!! ;) hahaha.

I don't remember if I told you guys about this but I figured I'd tell you again because I just remembered it again. So when I was sitting in the airport after I left you guys and got through security and all of that I sat down and was waiting for the flight with a bunch of other missionaries. Then, this business guy sitting next to me started talking to me and asking why we were all there and dressed up and all of that so I got to tell him what missionaries are and what we are all about!! It was really cool experience to talk to someone and see what they thought of missionaries. He thought it was really cool and was surprised that we had been going out at such a young age and for such a long time!! hahha. I didn't share anything spiritual like I was supposed to, but I hope that I planted a seed!! 

I have a lot of stories this time around now that I wrote stuff down so we will see if I can get them all done!! So I hear if you put a bunch of rubber bands on a watermelon it cuts it straight in half.... don't know if it works, but could be fun to try!! Guess that's a Utah thing?? 

Ummm.... one of the days this week our teacher didn't show up to class and we were all confused because he isn't the kind of guy that doesn't show up and not tell anyone. So we had some other teacher come teach us and he was pretty cool. His name was Brother Clark I believe. Later that night both of our teachers showed up, our other teacher and the one that was supposed to be there in the afternoon hahha. So, I guess they had a miscommunication and so they both weren't supposed to be there that night or something I don't know. They got it all fixed the rest of the week hahaha. 

Oh yea, We sang with the Nashville Tribute Band on Sunday and it was awesome!!! It was sooo much fun to do. I wish we could have done it more because their music is fun and spiritual at the same time. 

I got the photo book and pants so thank you!! Have Brent think about what he did with his wallet and debit card and all that because I want to know what he thinks I should do and what he did. Because I don't want to get all my stuff stolen and I would like to hear what he did. 

We gave to blessings this week because some guys have been feeling sick. It was awesome to be able to use the priesthood God gave us to use. We did the anointing in Spanish and blessing in English. It was really cool. 

Hermano Voss left this last Friday for Texas. He was our teacher. Now he is going to teach Ceramics and art in Texas at Macarthur!! hahaha. Funny how that name is the same as our elem elementary school. 

Tell papa that I loved the letter he sent this week. I really liked the story about the bike and how Christ is there to make up for what we can't repay to God and him for all they have done. I also liked how it said we can never be perfect. I always thought that missionaries were these perfect little human beings that never do anything wrong, but they are humans too. Not all missionaries have an amazing testimony of every principle in the church. It just helped me relax a little and not focus on trying to be a perfect missionary and just try to grow closer to God in any way I can. I have always loved the story of the violin that looked old and no one would buy it at the auction because it looked bad and then a man out of no where goes to play it and does an amazing job showing that with the masters touch, something that looks so ugly and worthless can be the most amazing instrument. I love that story a lot. Thanks Papa and Grandma for every letter they are always so uplifting and help me with something I need. I am going to miss being able to get them in dear elder and read them a couple of times... That's okay though. 

Oh yea, so like 2-3 out of every district besides ours had a re assignment because of visas not being ready. We are the only district that has everyone going where they are supposed to be going!! That was pretty cool!! Yesterday we had in field orientation which was 9 hours long.... it was a lot better than I thought it would be. We actually learned a lot about working with members and some other stuff. 

So, there is this thing in the MTC called spooning and it is not the spooning you are probably thinking of right at this moment. It is where you put a metal spoon in someones pocket with out them knowing. So, Elder Francom was sitting in the middle aisle and the speaker walked through the middle aisle and would be talking while everyone was looking at the projector screen and what was on there. So, guess what Elder Francom had, a spoon!! So he spooned the Speaker without the speaker even knowing it!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHA!!! Oh, it was so funny and all of us were dying once he walked away. We couldn't hold it in!! They have tried to get me a couple of times with no success hahahha. I guess I have sensitive legs or something. 

Man, I have written a lot of stuff in this letter.... hahaha. Never thought it would be this long... 

Tell Denice girl thank you for sending Curt's letter again. It is always fun to here from that knucklehead. 

The Spanish guy that looks over how we are doing Spanish wise when we take little Spanish tests said I am at an intermediate level which probably means instead of knowing 3 words when I show up in Argentina I will know 5!! hahha!! 

Jennie and Joe wrote me this week which was fun to hear from them!!  Glad they both have jobs and are getting started. Can't believe I got Joe to laugh, must be funnier than I thought! :) 

Oh we had a tie draft 2 nights ago!! I traded a tie that Aunt Lisa sent that was like 3 bucks for a nice yellow tie!! It was Awesome!!! I'll see if I can send that pic or if it is too large.. 

Well, I love you guys and I can't wait to get on the plane in like 2 days!!! Crazy stuff!! I plan on giving out an English and Spanish Book of Mormon on the planes so we will see how it goes!!! It is really exciting and I can't wait to get out and not know anything anyone is saying and that randomly say hey " la iglesia es verdadera, Amen." hahaha :) 

Love you guys and can't wait to hear from you guys again in a week!! 

Con amor,
Elder Hakes 

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