Monday, August 10, 2015

August 8, 2015

What is this??? You start going to the shabin every weekend after I leave???? Wow...... hahaha. Glad you guys are having fun :) It would have been fun to go a couple more times. I hope to see some more done when I get back!! 

Let's see... oh yea so there was this pretty cool guy that gave a talk on Tuesday.. Let's see what was his name... Oh yea, he's just like the new President of the Quorum of the Twelve apostles!!!! Yea!! Russell M. Nelson came and spoke to us with his wife!! We heard his first talk as President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles!!! It was awesome!! It was about how we can be epistles of the Lord. He talked about how the people we teach's ancestors are going to be pleading and hoping that you knock on their doors and teach them the gospel because they want their posterity to receive the blessings of the gospel. I had never really thought about it that way but it makes total sense!! He is an awesome apostle of the Lord. 

What else... oh yea! Tell "De-nice" and Curtis and their whole family thank you for the cupcakes!! They tasted soooooo good!! My room was happy to get them. Also, Elder Nielson's mom sent some pringles for me through a box she sent to Elder Nielson! I heard she reads my blog so Thank you Sister Nielson for the pringles!! 

That's crazy that Emily and Cody are starting school already.... It felt like it was so far away for them before I left and now they are almost there!! crazy stuff... Time is flying here in the MTC. It's so crazy.. like yesterday we were all like "is it like only Wednesday??" and then someone was like "It's Friday and tomorow's PDay!!" It just goes by so fast... 

My Spanish is getting a lot better which is good!! I am able to listen more to what the people are saying easier and teach more according to their needs which is really cool because like 2 weeks ago I didn't know much of what they said and just kept going with the lesson!! Oh yea, me and Elder Nielson did a Spanish only day wear we talked in solemente Espanol y no ingles! It was pretty good! We slipped up a couple of times but it was pretty fun to try and only speak Spanish and i think it helped me to be able to speak better in Spanish a bit. We are doing that again on Wednesday but this time I'll do it all day!! It's kinda weird when I just start talking in Spanish or start writing and Spanish and I don't even notice... It's so weird... hahaha It's good tho!! 

Oh!! Tell Brent I met his companion in the MTC!! He was dropping off his brother and I was hosting which means I help the new Elders get all their books, find their residence, and take them to class, and I was going to one Elder and his brother was like Elder Hakes?? Did you have a brother that went to Mexico on his mission and I was like yea!! And he said he was companions with Brent in the CCM!! Elder Parker was his name I believe!! I also met Dalton and big Mike's parents cousin I believe is what she said. One of the family members had an All-Blacks jersey on and I talked to them for a second and they said they had a cousin in Mesa named the Holla's and I was like "I know them!!!" it was pretty fun to host and I definitely wouldn't mind doing it again!! :) 

Oh yea, so I am smarter than the smartest guy in the world. Stephen Hawkins I believe is his name.. Yea, so our choir teacher was telling us about how Stephen Hawkins had a movie explaining how the world was formed and at the end he said something like to my conclusion there is no God. So already one upped the smartest guy in world!! So, did you guys and everyone else who knows their is a God and he is our Heavenly Father because he is and he did create this world and allowed us to come to learn and grow closer to him because he loves us and wants us to be with him again. The choir teacher Brother Eggart I believe is his name, is an awesome guy. He is such a good guy and always shares some amazing spiritual story :) 

I hope Brent finds a job sometime soon... hahaha. He needs to get to work and stop playing around so much!! Also, tell him to email me or dear elder me! David too. Could you get me Hayden Harvey's too?? Austin said hi to me which was an awesome surprise!! I'm glad he is doing well. Thanks for the awesome little quotes about Peter too!! And your awesome quote about him. It was nice to hear :) 

Man.. its hard to think of everything what you want to say once its today .. haha. every other day you have a good idea and then you are sitting here and words came out. I feel bad... I know grandma and papa sent me an awesome email but I cant remember what I was going to say about it and what it was about... I read it to early in the week.. I'll re read it again and read their next one again before I come to email again. Sorry I forgot... It's hard to remember all the info you shove into your head in a week.. hahaha. 

I love you guys and I hope all is going well. Oh yea!! Jennie emailed me this week!! Thanks for the news update on how you guys are doing and everything going on in Wyoming!! Thanks for the little funny stories about some of the things they do there! It gave me a little laugh and smile! Tell Joe I only got about an hour left of my mission ;) (It's a family joke for those of you who don't know.) No worries I am not actually coming home in an hour!! 

Oh, I think we get our flight plans on Friday for Argentina!! It's exciting stuff!!! Love you guys and hope everyone is having fun!! 

Elder Hakes

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