Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017

Hey Family!!
It's been a way good week. It was a bit different this week with Conference. We saw it in our church instead of everyone going to the Stake center... So they watched it on the TV while I watched in English on a computer. It ended up being really good. We were able to work in between the sessions. We actually found someone Sunday  morning and brought her to the church to watch the conference!! That was awesome!! Lots of work to do and not enough time... We have found so many people that we don't have time to teach all of them... it's kind of weird... Never thought that I would get to this point. If the lesson falls through we go and we find 2 or 3 new people to listen. It's awesome because we are finding many people to teach but it's hard because there's no time to teach everyone.... I guess we'll need 2 more missionaries. ;) 
Let's see what else happened this week.... I don't remember much. The days are passing by like hours... Elder Bravo and I are always busy so it makes time pass by faster. We have transfers this Sunday. Can't believe a transfer has already passed by... I'm not sure what will happend with me but I'm sure I'll stay. Probably with my same comp. 
Conference was a great time to listen and hear what God wants of us but now it's time to put in practice all that they have taught us. I Really want to help the world be full with love so that no man, woman, child, stanger, person feels alone, sad, deserted. I really liked that quote from conference because it helps us remember our role as sons and daughters fo God. We must fill the World with his Love. Because the love of God can win any battle. I know that it is something that everyone of us can practice and do better. I think for me, that will be me goal. Love as God loves us. How can you show the love of God to those around you? Neighbor, friend, family, stranger? Go and do as the Lord commands for he giveth no commandment that we can not keep.
Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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