Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 14, 2015

Selfie with our Argentina rugby jerseys
*** I had told Ryan that it was cold and rainy here in Mesa.  I mentioned it to his sister, Jennie, who lives in Wyoming.  She said we were not cold.... because it was -1 degrees at her house.****

That's crazy!! I definitely don't want -1 degree weather either...... that really does suck....But snow would be cool! :) 

I am planning the church Christmas party for our ward with my comp and our mission leader! We made a jeopardy game and are gonna watch a movie and eat food! It will be awesome!! We're way excited to do it!!! Jennie and Joe for Christmas! There you go, all your present shopping is done! hahha. I'm sure you are loving life with your new jeep :) How did dad find it? Craigslist? hahaha. I think there is like a 99% chance that craigslist was the way he found it! 

The photo I just sent was from the conference we had with the 70 members and Area Presidency members. I think I forgot to send them from the other week... 

Let's see, this week I was a little sick so that kinda sucked but we worked anyways because what am I going to do in the Pench all day?? haha. And it wasn't too bad, just a little cold. I think it was because the climate was changing like crazy these past 2 weeks. It would be hot, hot, hot and then cold, cold, cold one day and then back to hot, hot, hot. It was a bit crazy. It isn't a normal weather for here is what the members are telling me. Usually it is way hotter now but I'm okay with the cold :) 

I don't know what else happened this week.... OH YEA! We did a Nativity with the Stake! Our ward was in charge of being the angels who sang. So we showed up Saturday and sang 3 songs! It was all girls and us 2 elders... haha. None of the guys showed up so we had to let our manly voices go and sing loud n proud so the stake could here us ;) It was good though :) We just wore our baptismal clothing so we were in all white. It was pretty cool! 

I hope everything is good with all of you guys and that you're all having fun with Mom's new jeep and not only her! $ wheel driving in Payson??? ;) 

Love you guys and have an awesome week! 

Share the new video from the church with someone this week! 

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

**** I asked Ryan who he was working with***
Ryan:  What do you mean who am I working with? Elder Lujan? Mi companion?

Mom:  Investigators......

Ryan:  Like who they are? There are lots of people we are working with. One family, Flia Benitez-Flores, we got to know them like a month and a half ago but couldn't find them in their house until like a week or 2 ago. She told us she could feel a peace and a difference when we prayed to start the lesson!! It was amazing!!! It was awesome!! And then she invited us to lunch another day and gave us Lamb and rice with aji!! Oh, it was sooo good. I miss spicy food... but we have a bunch of Peruvian investigators who love spicy food so they are helping me out :) like flia Bentiez-Flores! We are going to help him build his house Wednesday! We got a bunch of investigators who need help building their houses so looks like Hakes Construction Argentina Company is back in business!! hahah. I should just make a bunch of shabins!! ;)

Ryan:  oo ooo then you'll love the person I work with most!!!!!

5 minutes later

Ryan:  The Book of Mormon!!! You can meet him too!! He lives in your phone but better than that, in your scriptures!!!! hahah ;) 

I'm so funny huh?? ;)

something like that? hope I  got ya to laugh ;)

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