Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December 21, 2015

Its kinda hard...I don't know for sure what time I can call for Christmas. I don't live in my area and have to take a bus to my area. Christmas day there will be one bus every 1 or 1 and a half hours so I don't know when I have to leave or when they are passing still. So it is somewhere in that range. Our plan is to be there at 12 our time. I think that is 8 your time if I remember right? I wish I could give you a better time, but I don't know how... There just isn't an exact time that I know and we don't have a member to bring us there in car because there are like 3 of them and they cant bring us... I am excited for my interview with Carlee!!! It'll have to be short sweet but to the point ;) 

It sounds like I left and you started to do all the fun things... ??? whats up with that???? Renting out theaters to watch Star Wars... jeep.... shabin trips.... not fair. ;) It looks like this year was a fun Christmas! I'm sure Nessa did a great job with the program. Was Jace acting as Joseph?? Because we all know he is way too big to be baby Jesus!!! hahha. Jennie and Joe are back in tooooowwwn!!! That's cool that they brought a little snowball fight to the house! Reminds me of the time that dad brought snow in the back of  the truck one year :) 

It's been a busy and fun week! We finally did an activity!! We watched Meet the Mormons and played jeopardy, and ate some cake and banana bread with some juices to drink! We had an investigator come and she loved the church!! It was AWESOME!!! Everyone had a bunch of fun and all the hard work to plan in one week was made up for it in the end :) That was what a lot of the photos were. Hope you liked them! 

It's kinda crazy thinking right now is Christmas... Its kinda hot for Christmas... haha. It feels more like 4th of July! But I sure am excited to talk to you guys and see how everyone is doing!! I think I can speak in English again so that's cool :) 

I love you guys and can't wait to see you all next week!! 

Oh wait, the next week is kinda weird... it wont be P-day so I won't write for 2 weeks. I don't know why, but that's what President Goates said. He is changing next week to a normal day and not P-day. So... if I change areas, I wont be able to tell you guys until like 2 weeks. So be patient :) haha. 

Now for realsies, hasta la próximo semana!!!

con amor,

Elder Hakes

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