Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 6, 2015

See the note below on packages.

Christmas came a little early for Elder Hakes.

Hey!! Hows it going?! 

It feels like a long time since the last time I wrote you guys but then again, it feels like yesterday. Let's see... This week it rained again. The weather is a bit bipolar right now. It is like a hot day and then cloudy day a little chilly and then hot again, then it rains... It is so weird... hahaha. But its my life... so yea its chill. I definitely don't mind a little cold right now in summer :) 

Well, this week we passed for a less active member again who we haven't been able to contact in a long time, he let us in and we started to talk with him. I had given him a blessing for his health some weeks ago because he was in an accident where he broke his face and had to put like metal or something like that to fix everything. And when we showed up yesterday he told me thank you. His face looks perfectly normal again and he is moving normal. It was amazing! He then told me that normally people don't heal this fast.... in like 60-90 days. It was a testimony to me of the priesthood and what power there really is in it. I know that God gave us the Priesthood not only to help us in our lives but to bless others in need of His help. Now, I'd like to say he is going to church and is the Bishop or something now, but he's not. And that's not really important, but what is important is that he could see God's hand in his life. But because I'm persistent, we'll see if we can't bring him back and make him bishop ;) 

Hope you guys have a great week and that everyone stays safe with sports and all that. 

Love you guys and see ya next week!!

con amor,
Elder Hakes

I used the Missionary Packages Argentina for his Christmas presents.  You get to choose off of a list, but it is better than nothing at all.  --Dani Lyn

 From Ryan's mission president about packages....

To parents and loved ones of the Missionaries of Argentina, Mendoza,

President Goates and I would like to clarify the mission policy on packages from home. 

Please do not send packages to Argentina.

As often as not, 1) packages do not make it through, 2) and those which do can take 6 months or more to get here, and 3) then our office elders have to take a very significant amount extra time (which could be spent proselyting) going through the customs rigmarole, and 4) there may be significant customs duties levied, often surpassing the value of the package contents, which are not to be paid within the missionary’s allowance, and 5) while some missionary’s families might have the disposable income to send packages, others might not, and it sets up inequalities among the missionaries, 6) most Latin American countries celebrate Christmas quite modestly. For these reasons we ask that families please not send packages. As a returned and current missionary, however, I can tell you that a wonderful letter is just like gold, it is so appreciated. Pictures are sure to bring smiles, and the missionaries love to share them with each other. 

We apologize for misinformation regarding sending packages Express or DHL, (because some packages got through) but it turns out these methods also have problems with customs, they just cost a lot more. Please do not use them.

Thank you for your valuable support. 

President and Sister Goates

P.S. There is an online service called MISSIONARY PACKAGES ARGENTINA which, as a private enterprise we cannot endorse. But it is based in Argentina, so their packages are not subject to customs fees and taxes and the risk of loss is much, much less. We have had these packages arrive successfully.

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