Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 30, 2015

My week was great!! My companion is from Bolivia  and I am still in the Favorita. P-days I can play sports :) we kind of do whatever. Sometimes sports, sometimes climb mountains. What ever comes to mind haha. 

Starting all the wedding stuff.. fun.. so fun... hahaha. I hope all is good there no fighting is allowed. okay? okay good. 

I didn't do anything special for Thanksgiving.. oh well. There's always next year! haha. Quiet thanksgiving... Is the whole Hakes family sick??? I don't think we have ever had a reunion that was quiet. But I'm sure grandma and grandpa didn't mind a little more peaceful Thanksgiving :) How was black Friday?? Buy any cool new things for the shabin?? 
Can am 4 seater razor... hm... Sounds like a good idea if you ask me ;) Test drove a blue jeep too?? That's so kind that you guys are looking for a gift to give me when I get home but mom, you are starting now...? Relax... you got 19 months to plan that out ;) haha. 

Always good to see UofA come out on top of ASwho. 

With calling for Christmas...i don't know.. I'll figure that out this week. We only have 30 to 40 minutes to talk. My comp is pretty unhappy haha. I guess it was an 1 and a half hours when he got here, changed to an hour this past year and like 40 minutes this year. It doesn't bother me much because I'm just happy to see you guys, buuuuuttttt, mostly Jace because we all know how it is in our family ;) hahaha. You too mom don't worry it was just a joke! 

Seriously though... how is it December already... like 5 months ago I couldn't speak 100 words in Spanish and now I'm conversing with people and teaching lessons in Spanish... How fast things can change in just 5 months. Also, it's really weird because I'm starting to feel more and more like the mission was always my life if that makes sense. Like the life I had before feels more and more like a dream.. kinda weird huh? I think its just because everything is so different that it doesn't feel the same. Oh well. I will keep working igual. 

I really do love the mission. It is the best. There are so many amazing people who I am getting to know and help bring to the gospel. What is better than everyday trying to help someone come unto Christ?? I cant think of anything.. It is the best to share the gospel in whatever form or way you can. 

I'm going to be the typical missionary and ask you guys to share the gospel with someone in this week. A text, a 2 minute conversation, or however you want, but share your testimony. Who Christ is to you, how you feel about your church, how Christ has changed your life, something! And then think back in how you felt when you shared your testimony. Its amazing. I've felt it and that's why I am asking you guys to do it too. And what better time to do so than Christmas??? 

Love you guys, share the gospel, and have the best week ever :)

con amor,
Elder Hakes

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