Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November 23, 2015

 *** I sent pictures to Ryan and told him the Brinkerhoff side of the family had gathered for pie night and we watched the home movies we made of Charlies Angels and Buzz Lightyear*****

Who made my pie??? hahaha. Thats awesome!! Can you send that to me?? ;) hahaha just kidding. 

Oh those videos!! hahha. Good times with our family right?? I totally forgot that this week is going to be Thanksgiving.. Are you preparing for the feast and the football?? I thought that we passed it this week without doing anything. It's kinda crazy trying to remember other holidays than what are in the country haha. 

This week was good!! We had 3 investigators come to church!! 2 kids and the mom. The dad had to stay with the house to make sure no one robs it or something like that..... so that was a bummer.. but the 2 kids Robert and Juliana learned in primary that they can be baptized because they are 10 and were asking us if we could baptize them because they want to be baptized. haha. So yea, we were way happy!! Silvia loved the gospel principles class and the church so sounds like good stuff to me!! I'm getting excited :) They are an awesome family. Actually they are the family that we found because I yelled 'They need to hear the word!!!' and then we found Silvia cleaning her laundry haha. Yep, that's them!! They are really nice and always let us come and teach them in a moments notice but usually we give them a day or 2's notice. 

It's been good this week. Got my new comp Elder Lujan and he's pretty cool. Likes his yogurt though.. hahha. Like 3 bags of yogurt are gone in like 4 days!! I don't know how he eats that much.... its kinda crazy but hey, man's food is a man's food ;) 

Hope all is good over there and everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving!! 

love you all!!

con amor,
Elder Hakes

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