Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November 16, 2015

Hye mooooommmm!!! 

Today has been a bit crazy.. That's why I am sending my email so late.... sorry about that... haha. probably worrying about me a bit but don't worry because I'm still living and nothing bad happened. It was Elder Pinedo's last day in the mission. He left today to do some classes and training or something and then he leaves for his house in the morning but he is in the offices and I'm with a different companion for the day. It's a bit crazy. So we went to buy different things in the morning for him and then a city tour bus. We met some people from Holland who didn't know any Spanish. haha. They are touring through different parts of Argentina and then are returning to Holland. They spoke in a bit of English to us asking us questions like why we were here and what we were doing so I explained in the most basic English that I could think of, to describe the mission. It was hard!! I kept switching to Spanish!!!! hahaha. I'm getting better at changing between the two, but it can be hard at times haha. 

After the tour we went to the stake center and saw the end of the baptism there. Hermana Olgúin did a huge lunch for all of us again. There were like 40 of us there eating asado... oh how I love asados.... Best thing ever. I ate too much I'm sure ;) haha. I said goodbye to Elder Pinedo and came here to write to you guys. Tomorrow I am going to get my new companion. Also tomorrow we have a member or 2 from the 70 who are coming to speak to us so that should be awesome!! 

Glad to hear that you are doing better with all your surgery and all that. You know what you could do that is a million times better than Netflix?? Read the Book of Mormon!! :) but really, it's the greatest book in the world and can bring blessings to your life. 

Glad to here the Cats are doing good :) And that everyone can go to Duck Creek to play! Ice cave was fun for dad hahaha :) all of the deer. oh man, that sounds awesome :)  Enjoy it all!! 

The mission is awesome. 

Definitely keep me updated on Billy. 

I have been talking to Ethan so that has been awesome. Can you believe that I have been in the mission for 4 months. I didn't even think about it until like yesterday when I looked at the date and was like wait, today is the 15th. I have been in the mission for like 4 months.... what.... hahaha. It means got to work harder and harder than ever. That sounds good to me :) 

Everyone ais telling me I look skinny, it's kinda weird... hahha. Guess I got to work out harder! 

Have an awesome week and I'll talk to you guys later!!

con amor,
Elder Hakes

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