Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November 2, 2015

I was thinking that you might be thinking about me yesterday.. hahha. Yesterday was awesome!! Let's see... woke up to Feliz cumpleaƱos!! haha. then we went to church and in Gospel principles our teacher didn't show up. So me and Elder Pinedo taught the class! We taught like 8 people the restoration pamphlet. had 2 investigators at church. I gave the prayer in sacrament. After church we went to Family Rodriguez's house for lunch (Can you accept the friend request for my profile, she posted photos but it didn't let her tag me in it because I wasn't her friend. Lilia Rodriguez, I think that's her first name haha). We ate millanessa's, rice, bread, and a huge American flag cake! It was good. Oh and fast Sunday is different here, they start with Saturday night the fast here so yea, wasn't breaking my fast don't worry. 

What else.. taught 2 more families who are investigating and are awesome families...... hoping for a baptism this next month.... ;) haha. Oh yea and when we came back to the house in the night Elder Pinedo had made me a cake the night before (because we had some time to make it last night), but we ate yesterday night. He was all excited haha it was really funny!! He decorated the top with sugar and matches to light haha. It was a fun day!!! Little bit different than with you guys but it was good :) 

What else happened this week... One of the kids that we were teaching his family asked me if I was from Spain so that's good!! He didn't think that I was from the US which means my Spanish is getting better!! But I don't like the accent of Spain Spanish so I'm going to work on that ;) 

Tell Dan I said thanks for the packet of letters!! It was awesome!! I have a lot of reading to do now!! haha. Thanks to everyone who wrote something too! I didn't get a package this week but we'll see if in the next month it comes. It rained this week again so that was cool. I was told it usually doesn't rain this much but I don't mind it! 

Lets see.. what else has happened... Last week for PDay we ate in Herma Rodriguez's house with a bunch of other missionaries which was fun!! Still haven't found the Rugby jerseyIi want but I haven't given up cuz hey, I'm a Hakes/Brinkerhoff, and we dont quit no matter what. So, yea going to find that jersey someday in the future. Today we are going to have lunch with one of the members in Elder Pinedo's 2nd area because he ends the mission pretty soon and wants to go say goodbye. So that should be good! Lets see, everyone is telling me my Spanish is really good but I feel like its just alright. I don't know haha. Lets see, ah! 

This week we worked really really hard and prayed and prayed for new investigators and guess how many we found. 2.... 3.... 4.... NO!! 17!!! Yea!! Our district and zone leaders didn't believe us for a minute!! haha. But in reality, we put our trust in the Lord and went to work. It's amazing what He will do for us when we ask for help, show our faith by our actions, and pray for help. He ALWAYS helps us. ALWAYS. We just need to ask for the help. 

Love you guys and have the best week ever!! I got some work to do but talk to you guys in a week!! ;)

Con amor,
Elder Hakes

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