Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

Brent's getting married!!!! Jeez. You don't know how weird and exciting that is. It's like a part of me is like wooohoooo and then the other part is like this weird... Brent can't be getting married. He's just a little boy.. hahha. oh well, haha. Tha'ts awesome that he is getting married and I'm going to have another sister!! Yes, iIm going to have my interview with her on 25 de diciembre. haha. 

Lets see, what happened this week. It rained again and was cold. Elder Pinedo was dying. Doesn't like the cold for nada. haha. I was fine though. Threw my sweater on and brought my umbrella and taught the word. Oh, just remembered a funny story..... you're going to like this. So we were walking the streets knocking on doors because we didn't have a lesson with anyone. So, I was like we are going to knock on every door on this street!! Because we need to find investigators so yea, we started to knock on doors. No one was opening the door because it was colder that day. So we knocked like 15 doors and no one opened. Then , the next door opened and we talked with them and left a prayer in their house (going to return a different day), then we kept going and knocking. So, Elder Pinedo and Emanuel passed a house and I was like in my head, we didn't knock on this door. So, I said to them really loudly, "There is someone in that house that wants to hear the word!!!!!" Yea, don't know why I said that either...... but I said so yea hahha. So, we walk over to the fence  of the house to clap and guess what????  There was a woman doing her laundry!! And so I was hoping she didn't hear what I had said like 3 seconds before super loudly..... but when we started to talk she looked at us and had a huge grin on her face. Also she was trying not to laugh like the rest of us hahaha. When we left we all started laughing after we were far enough so she couldn't hear. But hey! She said we could pass by another time to teach her and her husband because she was too busy right then and her husband wasn't there it turned out good in the end :) Hope that made you guys laugh if not oh well, because it made me laugh, like a lot haha. 

I feel like my English is leaving my brain and I cant remember how to speak in English anymore.. It's almost easier to speak in Spanish! This will be interesting in December for Christmas haha. 

Lets see, all is good here. We celebrated Elder  Pinedo's birthday this last week with the family Rodriguez. Awesome family. Always trying to help us in whatever we need. Its kinda like my other mom haha. Not quite the same though ;) 

I love you guys and I'm glad to hear all is good over there in Arizona, hope you guys are having fun with out me, probably is really hard ;) haha. 

Nos Vemos!!!

Con amor, 
Elder Hakes

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