Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

So, still waiting for David to send me a letter telling me about the kiddo and whether its a boy or girl. We'll have to see if he waits until Christmas to tell me or decides to tell me now haha. I'm excited to find out en either way!! 

Hope everyone doing great. Gary with his hip and Michael with his health and the Brinkerhoff family too. Lets see... I don't have my little notebook that tells me everything that happened this week so I don't remember everything. But what I do remember is that it has been cold here. And when it's cold in Argentina Mendoza, no one leaves their house. Don't even open to talk to people. So those days were a bit hard to talk and find people. So basically all of last week. Like our attendance for church yesterday dropped almost in half. yea. it was insane. Oh and yesterday we went to have dinner with Hermana Bertolani, but she didn't have another guy older than 18 so we couldn't enter her house. So, she decided to leave and go to her sisters house across the street while we ate in her house!! hahaha. A bit crazy but funny too. It was just me and Elder Pinedo sitting and eating soup and bread in her house. It was good food too so I  was grateful for her sacrifice ;) She is a really nice person, always trying to help us out. 

What else happened.. There's snow in the mountains right now. That's pretty cool. There's too many clouds covering them right now so I cant get a really good picture but I'm hoping the clouds and everything leave this week and I can see the snow and take a good pic. Today we are going to hike Cero de Arco, a mountain in our area. So it should fun! Hoping it doesn't rain on us or anything like that hahaha. Oh, and we have a investigador with a baptism date!! So that's pretty bomb. She needs to get married first but we'll take care of that real quick ;) haha. Really good investigator, reads everything we ask her too and all.. Its awesome!! 

Lets see... Another cool thing that happened this week is we had our 2nd training with the president, his wife, and assistants. President Goates talked about people who are scared of baptism because of the water and how to help them with this. Little did he and we know, that 2 days later it was exactly what we needed with a different investigator. She is scared of the water too. Used what we learned from the president and she still didn't say yes. So that sucked. But, we think that we can teach her a little more and she will accept baptism. She seems to be a bit confused with it. The point of me sharing this is to show the hand of God in our lives. Pres Goates could have talked about a million other things but, he talked about exactly what we needed. He knew what he needed to give to us because I'm sure he prayed about it and this is what he felt through the holy ghost he needed to talk about. And it was exactly what we needed. Made me think of how many times I haven't seen his hand in my life. So, I encourage you guys to take a moment and think about how God has blessed you because I know he has. 

Love you guys and have a Fantastico Semana!!!

Con amor, 
Elder Hakes

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