Monday, October 5, 2015

September 28, 2015

Jace is the best. hahaha. Does he know how to blow bubbles now?? How big is that kid now?? In weight and height. Probably gigantic like normal hahaha. 

So, some crazy stories for this week, We went to the zoo last Monday because we thought it would be open but it wasn't.. Monday is like the day off for a bunch of people which is a little weird because Sunday is usually the day off for us in the US. The Cerro De Gloria is right next to the zoo. So, we hiked the little hike up and took some more pictures. Now I have pictures of the Favorita :) When we were up there, there was a little store that was selling candy, food, and little pictures. One of the Elders tried to take a picture of the picture because he liked it and the guy working there saw him and started cussing at him. Of course it was in Spanish, so I don't know anything he was saying besides, you, and then the cuss words. So we left after that and started to head down the mountain then a girl wanted to take a picture with Elder Lybert who is American. So.... all of us were in the picture with them (because missionaries cant take solo pictures with girls) and then she left. Finally, we got down the mountain and when we thought nothing else could happen, a monkey was climbing through the trees and then on the power lines!!! We think it was the monkey from the zoo.. Because the monkey came from the trees and power lines that are next to the zoo. So yeah, we were sitting there waiting for the bus and the monkey was climbing on the power lines doing this weird spin walk on the power cables. It was pretty funny to watch.

Oh yea and Tuesday we were in the house of the bishop who is a type of cop for Argentina and his sons and nephew wanted me to dress up a little in the uniform so i=I dressed up like a Argentine cop for like 10 minutes!! hahaha. It was pretty funny. I'll get the pics from my comp and send them to you for you guys to laugh at haha. And then on the bus one day a guy was singing/harmonica while playing the guitar. It was pretty legit. He sung and played really well, we had to get off so we only heard one and a part of his other song. 

We have a progressing investigator!! Finally!!! haha. Jessenia, she is reading the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets that we gave her. In the first lesson she said I don't want to be baptized no matter what, but now it seems like she is okay with it. We are going to invite her to be baptized in our next lesson. Talk about the importance of it and all that but yea! We are really happy with that because when we showed up it seemed like we would never find anyone but hey, we work on the Lord's time so we never know who we'll find or what we'll find while we are working haha. 

We had our first somewhat physically challenging service this week so that was awesome because I haven't been able to work really hard in a while. We were shoveling dirt and separating rocks from the dirt with a home made sifter. It was a bit interesting but it felt good to work hard. 

Also, an amazing thing happened this week thanks to the Lord. Quick background, there is a member in our ward named Luis Silva, he is the only member in his family. Mom and dad don't want anything to do with our church. His dad like never talks with the missionaries because he thinks were bad people or something. I think there were missionaries before who he had a bad experience with too so he doesn't talk to us. But this day we were walking to Luis's house with Luis to share a quick message and then head to to pench. While we were talking to Luis, his dad walked up to go into the house and he started talking to us and we were talking to him. Still doesn't want anything to do with our religion, but he seemed to like us as people and said that he respects us and that we are trying to bring people to Christ. And then I was like... hey, we have a little pamphlet that has our articles of faith which is what we believe in. Would you like to have one to know a little bit more about our religion, and he took it!! It was awesome!! And he was like  thanks. We'll see where that goes, hopefully he likes it and doesn't get more mad! haha. Right after Luis was shocked that he took it. Luis was like.. I cant believe he took that because he never takes anything from the missionaries and no other missionaries have been able to talk to him like that and give him something.. Power of the Lord if we will but only open our mouths. We weren't planning on talking to his dad but the Lord softened his heart so we could talk to him and have a good conversation. I didn't even realize how amazing that was until I was sharing it with you guys right now.. 

Well, I hope all is well with you guys and I love you all. Have an amazing week!

Con amor,
Elder Hakes

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