Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

HEEEEEYYY, how's it going?? I don't know where to start.. hahaha. 

This week we had lunch with a returned missionary and his dad from Chile in the house of Hermana Rodriguez and ate these amazing milanesas. oh... You bet I am getting the recipe :) haha. That was really fun to meet him and his dad real quick. Had lunch with the bishop another day. We were early to his house because my companion was freezing and needed to warm up. He is worse than you mom, he has slept in a sleeping bag and blanket for all the time we have been here.. Its crazy. haha. It has been raining the past 2 days in our area but not where we live. We live in Mendoza which is less elevation than our area so it was colder and wetter there. haha. Got to use my jacket which I wasn't expecting haha.
We had a family home evening with family Rodriguez and the returned missionary. It was to say goodbye and have a spiritual thought from him and his dad. It was awesome. There was about 8 of us and everyone included in the conversation and bore testimonies the spirit was really strong. Then we ate empanadas and this awesome chocolate things. The rm gave me a can of Dr. Pepper and I had like a million memories flash into my mind but the strongest one was remembering that we always got a Dr Pepper after we worked hard with dad in the backyard, front yard, pool, or most importantly, the shabin :) I actually miss working hard with you guys and Dad in the backyard and the shabin. Yeah, I know, I am weird. haha. Other things. I think i left the pen drive in our house like the one your living in so I think I will go buy one. We use them to show videos on tvs and computers. I'll have to see how much they cost first. I also have to get a backpack of emergencia in case there is an emergency. So got to go buy that stuff too. 

Conference was AWESOME!! Took a bunch of notes so I can remember what they said too so that's good :) Oh yea, right as conference was starting I looked around as if we were in our house on the couch toward the counter for chips and salsa, and the chocolate cream cheese dip with graham crackers thing and then remembered that I don't have that. Hence, the reason I made some homemade popcorn for Sunday for everyone :) Conference isn't conference with out the snacks ;) Conference was awesome, I remember a lot of talks about Faith, commandments by President Monson in priesthood fue buenisimo, and moms favorite from Elder Holland, mothers. That one was really good and I liked it a lot. Made me think of my amazing mom that has helped everyday since I was born.
 I say helped because, lets be real, I was the easy one and the other 5 you bore and are bearing ;) 

Oh ....there is an old missionary couple that work and do the autosufficiente classes here for people. Anyways... Hermana Johnson speaks English and Spanish and Hermano Johnson doesn't. So Hermano Johnson was talking to me in English and i started talking in Spanish and then I was translating words from Spanish to English. It was actually kind of hard to speak in English hhaha. It can be hard to remember words in English sometimes with just talking to other missionaries too!! I was trying to talk with all the guys watching the conference in English and I was stumbling. I couldn't do it. So, my intention to speak English was instead Spanglish hahaha. I felt so dumb not being able to speak in English really easily. But then I thought, hey, iI am not supposed to speak in English so Kuddos to me!! For reals though, it was the weirdest thing ever. 
 One short little experience I'm having. It's with the scriptures and the power they can give each and everyday. Right now I have started a little paper with like 10 topics in the gospel (holy ghost, atonement, faith...) and as I read, I look for these topics. Now, I don't remember every topic but when I see something and it really sticks out to me and applies to a topic I write it down. And if I don't have this topic and really like it, then I add a new topic! It has really helped me to slow down and think about what I am reading and the importance of different scriptures. There are so many more powerful scriptures that we never see because we are reading to read the Book of Mormon and not to learn. The scriptures can bless your lives in more ways than you guys could expect. I can see the difference in my life already from constant scripture STUDY. Try to find a way to study the scriptures in your lives. Even if it isn't an hour a day like I have I know that 10 or 15 minutes can bless your lives too. Read with purpose and the blessings will flow. I promise each and every one of you it is true, but it's your turn to find out for yourself. Love you guys and have an amazing week with your good old friend Book Of Mormon :)
Con amor,
Elder Hakes

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