Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November 9, 2015

Doing good! 
Glad life is good there. 
I was thinking about big Masi this past week and when he would be going home! haha I don't know why I was thinking it but I had the thought that he is probably leaving the mission pretty quick here. A bit like Elder Pinedo. Leaves in a week and day. Kinda crazy. Lots of things to do haha. 
That's too bad with the Toros. I wish they were doing better. No one wants to play to win just to be popular nowadays.... That's what I felt like the problem was with lots of the teams the past couple years and especially this year. It's crazy to think football is ending there!! 
It's really weird too because its going into summer here and so I feel like football is going to start up in a couple of months and this is when the boring baseball season starts haha. Well, baseball is fun to play but not as much to watch on TV. Yea, I don't know how I feel about Christmas in summer... hahha how weird huh!! I think they do fireworks is what someone said to me. 
I had a question for you but I can't remember what it was now... hahha. Should have wrote it down... Lets see, I made more sopapilla´s because why not and they are amazing with dulce de leche so yea!! 
I cant think of any stories... We found 2 families to teach!! So that's awesome!! My mind is literally blank and I can't think of anything else that happened this week.. Forgot my little notebook that I usually write in. 
Oh, it rained again last week but now its getting hot. Past 3 days it has gradually been getting hotter and hotter here. I hear summers are about as fun here as they are in Arizona!! 
How are Jennie and Joe?? 
How's the shabin?? Got a cabin yet?? :) 
Love you guys and I hope all is good with everyone!!
Con amor,
Elder Hakes

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