Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 4, 2016

So... you're up in Payson like always hahaha. Sounds like a lot of fun!! Who all headed up there with you guys?? Just you 4 or everyone??? It should be a fun weekend!!! We are doing a little fiesta in the church today for p day!! It should be way fun!! I'm going to be celebrating too!!!!  To answer your questions about the photos. yes we used jenga to hold up a shelf while it was glueing but in the end the glue ended up not working so we ended up taking it all down hahahaha. But awesome idea no????? jajajajajaja. In the picture we were eating sopaypilla hot dogs. jajaaja. why not right??? 

My companion is Elder Romero.. I think I forgot to tell you about him the last week... sorry... he is from El Salvador. He was telling me about his country and I guess they use US dollars there and have almost everything that we have in the states... interesting no?? Supposedly Ecuador and Panama are the same hahaha. He hurt his back a little playing futbol this week so we had to rest a day or 2... so we did that.. Lost about a 3/4 of the week because we had consejo de lideres and zone meeting and him resting. But, we ended the week in a great way!!! We found 5 new investigators in about 2 or 3 days. and they want us to pass by their families too so we are looking forward to and do that!! We have an investigator that probably studies the book of mormon better than anyone of you, maybe better than some members of the 70!!! She makes pictures and writes the basics of every chapter. I was in shock when I saw the photos of how she studies the Book Of Mormon..... it made me wonder if I should change my study patterns... hahha but it has been a fun week. We are covering our 10 km area or 2 hours walking point to point. We have lots of work and I love it!! There is so much to do and so we are working our butts off. jajaja. I´m excited for this week. It should be a great week!! I hope you are all doing good!! Hope Cody had a good first date!! woot woot!!! Here comes the Codyman!!! hahaahhaha. Love you guys a ton. Keep safe!

Con amor,
Elder Hakes

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