Saturday, July 16, 2016

June 20, 2016

It is a crazy week.... we have been super busy with zone conference tormenta blanca traslados and everything. It was absolutely crazy. and now I leave!!! They are doing a big party for me in the church right now!! I am using the computer of a member to talk to you guys. It's like a mini cyber jajaja. Everyone is here playing soccer and hanging out. It's way fun. jajja. It's a cool goodbye party. I'm gonna miss this family a ton... they are way good people.. they are always super nice and willing to help us in every way they can. Sometimes it's hard to find members like that. I hope I can find some more in my next ├írea. then I can be happy :) 

I am heading to Godoy Cruz!!!! to be zone leader!! They at first told me I was going to San Martin with Elder lujan again but then they called again to tell me that I wasn't going to be with him and that now I am going to San martin with Elder Romero. So that should be fun!! I'm going to be right next to the offices... hahha. Oh well. it will be good to head over there. I'll be close to the Favorita. so I can go see how Flia Benitez is going. It'll be fun to see them especially because they were baptized 2 weeks ago. I want to see them soooooo baddddd.... 

well. i just stopped writing for a minuet because there was an emergency...... they egged and floured me!!! hahahhahahaha   They are so awesome.. :) They got me pretty good. I'll send you some photos a Little later. I am going to miss this Ward a ton... there are going to be like 4 baptisms in 2 weeks.... and they are almost all ready now so they should be good and baptize in a couple weeks.... looks like it's round 2 of seeding so some others can sembrar :) its okay though. It isn't important if I baptize them or not because it's not important that I do it, but that someone helps them in that process to come closer to their Savior. I will be waiting excitedly from my house. I have realized the importance of the members in a barrio today. Well in these traslados I have learned that it is soo important. It is important that the members work with the missionaries. That you take the time to help them out. Even if it's an hour of knocking doors because miracles happen when you do it. and the work of the missionaries grows. It's a promise from the prophets. It is our duty as miembros to do that tooo. We have to help them the missionaries. So, if you can in anyway help the missionaries, do it. I promise that you will see miracles in your lives.  I love you guys a lot. and I want the best for you guys. Have an awesome week and we'll see you in the next week. love you!!!

con amor,

Elder Hakes

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