Saturday, July 16, 2016

June 6, 2016

what up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So, we didn't end up doing semitas the last week but looks like we might do them in the coming week or two if we can. Fingers crossed. I don't know why I like learning all these new foods and everything but its fun! haha. Lets see, wow, I have to think of what I have done this week... I kind of forgot... sometimes the weeks feel like the same week so its like,,, did I say that already or not yet... jaja. 

This last week we did a tormenta blanca in Libano so that was way fun!! This week we are going to go to our area and do it!! It should be awesome!! I am way excited!! and we have a ton of members who have already told us that they can help us this day too.  It should be a fun day!! Transfers are coming soon... I think I am going to have to go... I don't want to though.. It's sad but I guess we`ll see what happens. Maybe the President will leave me one transfer more :) 

Me and Elder Hoagland are working hard, we have a couple more investigators with baptismal dates!! 2 for in 2 weeks and 1 in about a month. So, we are working our butts off to get all of them ready!! Ì`m hoping to send you guys some more photos with me in all white :) is that how you write wight??? I am not sure anymore.... wite, white, wight, whight.... whatever. you understand!!!! jajaja. 

It's been a pretty chill week. Hard work lots of sopaypillas and happy stomachs :) It's been pretty cold here but the sun just came out today so that was awesome!! It was like all clouds almost always raining and then straight up sun without clouds.... it's like Arizona the aspect of it can change in 3 seconds the weather.. I guess I'm a little more used to it for that. But we are doing good. We got a heater to keep us warm if its cold and ac if its too hot haha. 

How are y'all doing?? What's the crazy fam up to nowadays?? Still crazy as ever?? You guys had the family reunion right?? 

Love you guys!! hope you all have an awesome week!!

Con amor,
Elder Hakes

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