Friday, May 27, 2016

May 23, 2016

Its been a good week!!! We are working on the pen drive to see if we cant fix it. fingers crossed!!! It has been so crazy here..... this is a place like Arizona. The sun always comes out but for 25 days it didn't come out ONCE!!!!! It was so crazy!!!! jajaja. We thought we changed where we were living for a little while and it got like way cold. I actually had to take out a jacket and put it on because I was getting cold and we all know how I am. I never get cold so it was weird to have that feeling. But yesterday changed everything. It was completely sunny without one cloud hahaha.... and today about the same. So everyone who was hibernating in this time are starting to come out again. So that's awesome!! More people to teach!!! WWOOOOT WOOOTTT!!! jajja.
David and Nessa moving into the big house!! That seems crazy.. David cant be that old yet can he??? ;)  Cody is going to work for Sunsplash?? That should be interesting..
Like the football team doesn't practice on Wednesday?? That's interesting... not a bad thing either. That's good that no one is messing around because that is the worst part. That's when the crap practices start coming....
That's crazy that Brent and Carlee went all the way to Washington... hahah. I guess it could be fun.. Are they missing the sun because it's cold or what??
Let's see, this week should be way good but way busy.. jajaja. It's like 4th of July for them this week. It's the 25 of May. So we are doing an activity of the ward and missionary. So it should be way fun!! It is a live inact of the Plan of Salvation. It had to change a bit because they will have it after another activity but I guess that's okay. It should be awesome anyways! Maybe I'll send you a photo of the plans and someone over there can translate it for you. hahah. It seems like an awesome activity that you could totally do with the ward and it would be way successful!! I'm excited to see how it turns out!!!
We have a zone activity today. Should be awesome. I had the idea to do human fooseball. So, looks like that's what we are going to do!!! hahaha. It should be fun. 
I hope you guys are doing great my and my son are doing great. Love you guys all a ton!!
Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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