Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 11, 2016

MOM!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats up??? hahha. 

Glad to see that smiling face of Macey!! 

It's been a good week this week!!! My kid is learning a lot!! So that's way fun. He is still learning Spanish and likes to speak English, but that's okay because I pull the latino on him and speak in Spanish muahahaha!!!! No, I am not tooo terrible.... I talk a little bit more in English in him. but little by little I am going back to just speaking Spanish. It's weird..... but he is helping me to remember all the English that I don't remember!!! hahha. Little by little I start remembering stuff. I guess it'll be way easier to talk to you guys in a month then haha. 

This is an awesome ward that I'm in right now. They are way cool. We are starting to help them work a little so its awesome :) Loving life right now! There's a bunch of work to do so I don't have any like what should I do moments hahha!! It's so much fun!! 

Let's see, we did a service this morning! I basically put the roof on a house today. Me and Elder Hoagland did like everything on the roof. We took off the tarp that was there, nailed in some plywood, we put the tarp on top again and then concrete on top! It was way cool! I know we do our roofs way different in the states, but it was cool to learn and do an Argentine roof haha. One hermano from the ward was there to help us out, but he's a little bigger and played more of the supervisor role haha. He told us what we had to do so it was good. We finished it all up today. Took like 3 hours I think. We have some photos that the hermano took, but I have to wait until he sends them to me and then I'll send them to you! 
Let's see, I have been making a bunch of banana bread this week so that was awesome!! I made it for the birthday of a member in the church. And they loved it so that's cool!! We made pancakes today which were pretty good. It's been a busy fun p-day today. Lets see a photo of the family now a days. Whats new with you guys?? Anything super exciting and out of the ordinary?? haha. 

Hope everyone is doing great and I love you guys a ton!! Talk to you next week!!!

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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