Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 3, 2016

THAT is so awesome that you guys got to see conference so close!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So spoiled ....that little girl!!!!! hahahaha. Sounds like a fun weekend for you guys too!! 

It was an awesome conference weekend!! Nothing like a conference meeting that will get you even more animated to teach the gospel!! haha. Lets see, I loved the priesthood session. I want to go back and look over my notes of all of conference. It's so great. We saw them 1 to 3  5 to 7   and 9 to 11. for Saturday. Priesthood session went a little late. Kinda felt weird being out so late.... hahha. its all good though. Fun weekend with all the missionaries in the zone and all the members too. It's been an awesome week. Way busy too. Tuesday I left to get my son at 6 in the afternoon. Got there and stayed in the apartment of the offices. Then the next morning we had some trainer training. Then that afternoon we got to know our sons and daughters!!!!!!!!! and I have Elder Hoagland!!!!!!!!!!!! yea!! its been way interesting getting to know my 26 year old son especially when i'm 19... da da chingggg... that was a drum set ;) haha. He's way cool. I'm teaching him Spanish and the lessons so that's really weird. Now I have to remember all of that English I have forgotten the past 9 months.... hahah. its cool though. He put 2 baptisimal dates this week so I'm proud of him!! hahaha. Good stuff ;)

We are working with other investigatores too its just these are the people that are progressing so that's the reason I talked more about them. But we have 2 other investigators who are working to be baptized. One could be really close here. He is the husband of the Relief society president. He never was baptized but he seems to have a little more interest now. We are going to see how we can help him out!! We are excited to get to teach him this week. He has a hard schedule but its all good we'll find him :) There's a couple others. We kind of have to teach Spanish to some investigators so they can learn it and also how to read it. So that's interesting. We'll see how we can help them with that.
The weather is awesome today. It's cool but not too cold so its just perfect and cloudy too. Looks like we are heading for winter :) I am excited for everything going on here! Looks like we are going to have 3 baptisms this month so we are excited :) Loving the mission life!! Well, I love you guys and I hope you're all doing good!! We'll see you the next week!!!
Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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