Monday, August 22, 2016

July 25, 2016

Sounds like you got a couple of crazy weeks ahead of you. jajaja. Cody with online school and Emily in Utah and the crazy couple coming back from Seattle. They've been up there a while. They are probably enjoying the summer over there. jajaj. So, question, how are we going with the challenge I left you guys last week?? I hope someone has started it and didn't just take my words and throw them down the drain ;) It's been a tough week here.. We haven't been able to do much... the last p day we went to the stake center to play some soccer with the zone. My companion likes to play hard and ran to get the ball. Justo came elder bingham to do the same thing. They crashed and my comp had his foot on top of the ball. Elder Bingham fell on top of him and his leg. It turned it kind of weird and it started to hurt him. The first day he couldn't really walk. So p day we went back to the pench. ice and ibuprofen. We went to the doctor Tuesday. This doctor treated him terribly. Basically said I am not going to do anything for you right now but you can come back to talk to a different doctor on Thursday. He'll actually treat you and help you. Yea. It was way way dumb. So we waited 2 days more and then we headed over to the other doctor and he helped us out a ton. E. Romero doesn't have anything broken but they think it might be a ligament, meniscus or tendon. I guess they want to do a MRI to see what's going on on the inside of the leg. So that will be tomorrow if the area doctor says that we can do it. He can walk a lot better now. There's still something up but it hurts a little less now. We didn't get to work like at all this week. Friday was our first day that we went and worked a bit. The bishop took them everywhere in car so it wasn't too bad. I had to go to Ugarteche because an elder there hurt his leg when a car passed by them when they were in bikes and shot a rock up and cut and bruised his leg... and they had a ton of lessons so they asked us to do interchanges for the day so I could go and work with them... it was just a crazy semana. jajaja. But I hope this week will go back to normal! somewhat... we have interchanges with the assistants this week so we'll see how that works out with my comp and all that. But I'm thinking he'll be okay. By the way. Riding bikes all day isn't as fun as I thought it was. My butt and legs were way tired hahaha. It was a ton of bike riding in the interchanges I had to do. But oh well. Who doesn't like a good old kill the legs workout??? ;) So this week was kind of a boring week. I don't know what else to talk about. oh!!! I found snickers the other day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I forgot how good they are.... way good. We bought a lot of them jaaja. it was sooo good ;) This next Sunday is traslados. I probably will stay and Elder Romero will probably head out. He's already got 6 months here so he is very likely to go. Well, I hope everyone is doing good love you guys a ton. Have a spectacular week!!! :)

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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