Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016

Hey!!! How's everyone doing?? It's been a good week this week!! We were able to bring 8 people to church!!!! It helps that like 4 of them are in one family jajajja. It's been a crazy week. We have been working hard to work with the members this week. We have been trying to focus on that. Why you might ask? Because when we work with the members everything the mission work works. Everything is 10,000x better. We have 3 times the assistance to church more lessons and more people preparing for a baptismal date. It's like a day and night difference. We have had a ton of success working with them this week. That's how all of these investigators are showing up. It's because they have friends in church and they feel more comfortable. It's been awesome. We have been doing divisions too so that we can work more with the members. We also get to know them a lot better. It's just way more fun  in every way. And we see the success it brings. For that reason we are focused in that this week. It's so much fun the mission work. It's like working in the backyard with Dad. It's hard at times but we goof off, have fun, and get the work done efficiently. The same thing in missionary work. It's hard but its fun :) I don't think there is anything else in the world that can bring more happiness and peace to the soul. (except the temple of course). So yea. You all know what you need to do :) It's been a good week for me. I'm doing good. 

They gave me pills for my toenail and they seem to be working so that's awesome!! I should be fungus free in a month or so. :) Everything is going great. They just celebrated the día de niño yesterday. We have a neighbor in our apartments that has a daughter who is way nice and always says hi to us when we pass by, so we took a little gift to her! It was fun to see her face all happy! The niña did a face like "no.... you shouldn't have............... But give it to me NOW!!!!" jajajja. It was way funny. I hope she liked it. Do we celebrate Children´s day?? or something like that?? I don't even remember... jajaj. but I hope you're all doing good. 

I love you all a ton!! Have a awesome week!!!!

Con amor,
Elder Hakes

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