Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29, 2016

Hey mom!!! So it has been a awesome but crazy week. We had 2 intercambios this week and a ton of success!!! Tuesday we started the intercambios and it was going to end Wednesday. but my companion got confused talking to Elder Bingham who is going home early (for school purposes). So he had to go get the new companion for his companion Elder Correa. and basically we thought they weren't going to go and look for this missionary. So I went in bus an hour to get to the offices to bring him to his area. We showed up before the missionary. Then Elder Bingham and Correa walked in. Then the comp of them showed up shortly after. So we had gone without reason.... so we wasted an afternoon.... Thursday Elder Correa called us in the morning because they needed a baptismal interview for Yasir who was going to baptize Saturday. We had lessons planned the whole afternoon. so we did intercambios again. I went to sarmiento to do the interview and my comp stayed in Lujan with Elder Lavander. Then Friday I got back to the pench with Elder Barrios... it was crazy.. jajaja. But in the 2 intercambios we did we found 14 new investigators!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOT WOOOT!! jajaa. sS we were happy. 

This week will be a crazy one too.. we have leader counsel, zone conference, and zone meeting and tormenta blanca..... the fun never ends :) But it will be good. It's better to be busy than idle. It's been fun. 

I have been reading in the Book of Mormon this week. I started reading about Amulek and Alma, Helaman and Pahoran, Ammon and Lamoni. And I had been reading how these member missionary companionships worked together. It is incredible the success that they had when a member and missionary worked together. They were unstoppable!!! jajaja. But really. They worked very well together and brought people to the waters of baptism. I have seen that a lot in my mission. The Power that a member has when he or she bears his testimony in a lesson. It changes everything. The investigators feel that spirit. I hope that you guys are always open to help the missionaries and that you don't just wait for them to call you. It is glorious to work in missionary work. I hope you guys can make plans in family of how you can do the missionary work. It will bring so much joy in your lives if you do so. 

I love you guys a ton. And I hope you have an amazing week!! 

Con amor,

Elder Hakes 

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