Monday, August 22, 2016

August 15, 2016

We doing good over here in Argentina. We have Been working a ton!! We have a huge area. and it's really been hard passing for every part of the area with just us 2. So we started trying to do divisions with 2 members and they have been helping us a ton!! We have been able to teach and find twice as many people!!! It's been awesome!! And we are helping Nicolas prepare for the mission so it's just been amazing!! We had consejo de liderazgo. Which went good. We almost lost FĂștbol this last week (as a pday activity). but the president decided that he wasn't going to take it out. But we have a lot more rules on what we can and cannot do. jajaj. But it's alright because we still have it!!. 

Our investigator got postponed one week for her baptism. She needs to hear a lesson more and we don't have enough time to do it all in this week. So we are going to baptize her the next week!! We have a couple others that are getting ready for the next month so we are excited for that :) Well today is holiday and the guy in the cyber decided that he wants to close early so I can't write much more.... I have already passed the 5 minutes he gave me extra.... so I guess we'll see you guys the next week. jajaja. Glad to hear everything is going good with the family. 

Love you guys a ton!!! 

Con amor,
Elder Hakes

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