Monday, March 21, 2016

February 29, 2016

WWWOOOOOHHOOOOO rugby!! Sounds like some fun stuff!!! Those kiddos are always in the ortho.. you should get em out of the ortho and put em in school!! haha. TJ isnt doing so good?? That's too bad.... who is he staying with?? 
It's been a fun week! We went to the super p-day and it was awesome!! We played some soccer and some people had some silly string that they started to shoot!! and water balloons too so that was fun. All of it was outside so don't worry!! haha. We had a meeting with President Bednar to all of South America and it was awesome!! He talked a lot about asking in faith and doing everything in faith. He also reprimanded us about prayers. About the prayers in church where someone asks that everyone who wasn't here this week can be here the next week. His words exactly were, FAITHLESS PRAYER. now, why is it faithless? Because we are asking God to do everything and bring the investigators and members, less actives, recent converts to church without an ounce of our strength or faith. And like we know faith without action is dead James 2 16-17. So it is a faithless prayer. So what should we do instead? He gave an example of a prayer which basically said, "God, we are all going to go and pass by a member when this meeting ends. We are all going to pass by someone and be their friend or help them in service or in whatever way we can. And if the bishop doesn't like what I am saying in this prayer he can stand up and stop me now. (pause) Yep he didn't stop me so looks like I am going to keep praying. We are all going to do our family home teaching, visiting teaching, and pass by someone after church to help them come the next week to church and we only ask one thing. Please, don't let us all go to the same house. In the name of Jesus Christ amen. " This is a prayer of faith because we are going out to do something we are ACTING with faith. It was all about that. Act with faith. It got me thinking a lot in my own prayers and how many times I just ask for something without giving my action. I think we can all relate to that. And it is something that we can work on. So, I encourage you guys, like Elder Bednar, apostle of the Lord, to change your prayers into prayers of Faith. To ask in Faith and not just ask for things. It has helped me a lot in this week to make my prayers better and I know it can help you guys have better prayers and more spiritual prayers too. 
Thanks for all you guys are doing and have done for me. 
Love all of you tons. And miss you all a ton too. 
Have a spectacular week and we'll see ya next week!!
Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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