Monday, March 21, 2016

March 14, 2016

Please send me a video of Jacers with her :) I want to see big brother Jacers hahaha. WHAT --- Dad's buying a tractor and a port a potty after I leave!????? Does anyone else see something wrong with that or is it just me!!!????? hahahahaa. I guess I'll just have to play with the tractor when I get back :) i'm gonna go hit some massive 2 inch jumps with it, and y'all gonna be impressed ;) hahaha. That's crazy thinking you guys are in rugby and volleyball and tax season.. It's so weird being here. It's like all of that is just a dream and like it was soo long ago.. 
I was missing rugby a ton this week. I started day dreaming about it in the bus. And yes, in the day dream I was running everyone over to score a try :) haha. Looks like everything is awesome there with Macey and Tractors and Port o Pottys. Sounds like the life!!!! hahaha. I'm over here working hard so don't worry. I'll work and you guys can play ;) hehe. 
It's been a way good week here. We are working hard and trying to find people to teach. Its been a pretty tough are to start out but were finding people and so we are hoping to have some baptisms pretty soon here :) We found like a ton of less active members in one barrio or group of houses that we are working with to reactivate so that is fun :) Its been a good week. the district shirts should be done tomorrow for photos so I can show you guys the design we did. I hope it turns out awesome!! I think it will. We are heading to a lake today. Don't worry..... we aren't going to swim because that's not allowed, but I heard it is awesome there so we are gonna go check it out! I got my sick rugby jersey on so that's making me happy :) I am trying to think of things that happened in the last week... my mind is as blank as a white paper right now... haha. 
Oh, our stake had a training to teach all the leaders how to work with the missionaries and in what way which was way good! We sang wait, let's see if you can guess it.................... yes, called to serve!! haha. It was cool. All of the leaders in one spot at one time and we were all singing called to serve. It was pretty powerful. 
Well, I love you guys and I'm running out of words to say so I guess I'll let you guys go. I hope you are all doing good. And I'll see you guys the next week!!!!

Con amor, 

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