Monday, March 21, 2016

March 7,2016

Oops. clicked send.. oh well, that's so exciting!!!!! I hope all goes well and Macey comes out as beautiful as ever!! haha. That's so crazy thinking she  is going to be born because like I'm not there... I guess I feel like you felt Brent.... jajaja. Good stuff. Glad to hear Emsy is working her way up with volley ball!! That's sounds like some fun stuff. I hear all of my friends are starting to get married... it's kinda weird...I kind of forgot about that until I got some letters about people getting married... Oh, well I guess its life right?? :) 
This week has been a good one!! We found some new investigators and some investigators that could be somewhat close to baptism!! Fun stuff!!! We are gonna see what we can do to help them grow and reach that point!. What else happened this week... I made a new type of  sopapillas!!! Flavor Banana!!!! They are way good!!! I'll have to send you a photo when I make them again. It's like banana bread in sopapilla form. Cool stuff and everyone likes it so even better!! Only one problem... my comp is telling everyone so looks like we are going to have a semana of Banana sopapillas for FHE jajaja. Its all good though!! Let's see... We are making shirts for our district to have!! They are going to be so sick!! Me and Elder Long designed them, but for some odd reason they all decided that I should draw it... I was like uhhhhh, I cant even draw!!!! But I did it anyway and it actually turned out way better than I thought!!! Maybe there is a different gift of drawing over there in D and C that I haven't seen yet... ;) It's been a fun week. busy with lots of work but lots of fun too. So, We are all happy happy happy!! I think that was a quote from a movie... not sure.. haha. But its been a good week. Well, I want to share a little scripture with you guys to end this mansa letter. entonces,

Alma 27:7-14. This is when Ammon and the pueblo of Anti Nephi Lehi have to leave from where they are at for the danger there. so what happens?? In 7 and 8 they are ready to do the thing that the Lord commands of him before they know if they have to leave. They are putting their trust in God. Then in 10 they ask. in 12 and 13 they get their answer that they need to leave. Now this is important. What did they do right after they got their answer?? Fijate. In 14 they did what's in the first sentence?? They gathered together to leave. They show us a couple of examples. 1. Trust in God that he will give you an answer. 2. Ask. 3. Receive the answer and ACT. But not just act but act right away they were ready to do what the Lord commanded them the moment that the Lord asked them to do something. I know that we are human and we like to think before we act in the will of God but so were they. So if the Lord calls you to do something always be ready like this pueblo to act in a moments notice and lay down everything you have for him. It was hard for me to think I would have  to leave my family, you, friends, and rugby but its what the Lord commanded and I knew he needed me to go so I went. I invite you to always be ready to act upon the answers that the Lord gives you whether it is life changing or as simple as bearing a simple testimony to a friend. JUST DO IT. The Lord gave you that impression for a reason don't waste it. Maybe you'll change that persons life or maybe you will be the seed to start that persons spiritual tree or Maybe you will just strengthen your testimony. I don't know, But what I do know is that the Lord sent you to do that so get on it and get it done. He commands and we act out of our love for him and then he blesses us. I know that he blesses us when we act with faith and in the moment he asks. Don't lose the opportunity. These things are true and I bear you my testimony of them in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Amen.
Love you guys, have an amazing week and I'll see ya in the next week :)
Con amor,
Elder Hakes

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