Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016

 Sounds like a crazy week and a lot of changes in the family. Way busy actually. Glad to hear that almost all of it was good and fun!!! I think it would be so awesome to go to the shabin!! Especially now that dad is putting all these new additions there!! haha. I don't think I could say I have had such an amazing week, but that's all good haha!! 

It was still a way good one! We had zone conference and learned a lot about obedience, the light and truth of God, the Book of Mormon, and keep the Sabbath day holy. It was awesome!! It went over like an hour and a half more than they thought but it's all good. We were learning lots of good stuff so its okay! We also got the district shirts this week!!!!!! yea!!!!! It was way awesome!! I'll see if I cant send you guys a pic or 2 from today!! Everyone likes them in the district. We have a zone activity today so we'll see what the zone thinks too!! Fun stuff :) 

Aw, we also learned about our gifts this week and I wanted to see if in this week you could send an email out to family friends, and facebook and ask them to send what they think my gifts are. And then if you could send it to me like tallied up or something like that it would be awesome :) I don't know if you could put it in excel and like put a tally if someone says the same thing. That would be awesome :) I want to see what my gifts are so I can try to develop them and make them better. So, if you could send that out that would be awesome :) Like 1-5 gifts per person if you can do that :) 

I am doing good. It's crazy how time is flying. I feel like I just showed up in San Juan and now I have 6 weeks here... I have 8 months in the mission. I'm not counting but Elder Long is counting haha. He is in the district and came the same day as me to the mission so he reminds me every month haha. Dork. 

I got an email from Justin Smith this week!!! I was so happy because I have been wanting his email since I left to the mission but I never had it!! haha. Oh, question. do you have the email of Billy?? Masi's brother. I wanted to see whats going on with him. to see if he's doing good. So did Ethan Thompson but we don't have any way to get those emails in the mission haha. Hope all is good with you guys!

I am just chilling working hard and having fun!! We found like 3 families who are less active but have kids that they want us to teach and baptize so its all good there!! And we are helping them to reactivate so that's awesome too!! It's going way good right now we just need to teach them and help them grow spiritually. So, 2nd quarter (of mission) here I come!!! haaha. Emily keeps telling me I'm in the 2nd quarter. I don't know how I'm going to work out halftime... in the mission there isn't one. haha. 

Well, hope all is good with you guys and I love you all  a ton!!! Talk to you in the next week!!!

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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