Tuesday, February 14, 2017

January 30, 2017

Emily will be 16???????? wow.

The missionary broadcast was Wednesday and they changed the whole schedule. We now have a lot more of liberty in the things that we do during the day. They also give us an hour and a half in the night time to do what we want, journal , eat that type of thing. So that should be cool. not sure how I am going to get used to it. Its definitely different jaaja.

It's been a fun week. Lots of work but not so much in numbers but that's okay. There's always a new week. Even though this week is going to be crazy. We have to do 2 capacitaciones for the elders of our zone and we have Leadership Council tomorrow. So we will have little  time in our areas.... It's a bummer but watcha gonna do... it's life. jajaja. The next week should be a little more chill. I just worry about not being able to get to all the investigators... it can be tough at times. and now with little time. but oh well. We`ll find em :) 

Lets see... we are helping build a little building for a business that an investigator is going to have so that has been fun. I'll see if I can take some pictures one day and send them. I always forget the camera jajjja. but it's been a good week. We have found some really good investigators that really want to listen to us and learn more about the gospel and that excites us a lot. We are going to put a lot of our focus in them this week and see if we can't help  them out. 

Hope that everyone is going good and that you are all having fun and serving the Lord. There is nothing greater ;) Keep safe!!

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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