Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February 6, 2017

Hey Mom!!!

It's been an interesting week. Saturday a family asked if we would do the blessing of her baby. Because her husband isn't member and she wanted to bless her baby and present the baby to the ward. So they asked ME to do it!! 😵😱 But in truth they didn't tell us who was going to give the blessing until we got there Sunday. Saturday they just asked that one of us would do it and that she would pick tomorrow. I totally thought. hmmm I'm gringo. My comp is Latin. She is going to want a Latin who speaks better and maybe has done something like that to do it. But NO. jjajaja. She asked me to do it. 5 minutes before the meeting started.... Yes. I wanted to die . I was way way nervous!!!! jajaja. But it was awesome. I got to hold a baby :) That made me happy :) It's been tooooooo long since I've done that.... like 19 months... jajaja. But it was an incredible experience. We gave the blessing to Isabel Nohemí Espinoza Vargas. We ended the blessing. And there was another blessing to be given we thought that The Hna. Gusman had asked someone to do that blessing too so we went to sit down. And then the branch president calls us up again to do the OTHER  baby blessing!!! jajaja. And he asked my companion without forewarning him at all to do it!!!! jajajaj. He was a little angry for not telling him beforehand, but he did it willingly and I think he liked the opportunity to do it. :) But I remember sitting down after giving that blessing and participating in the blessing of Bruno Gusman and feeling such a great impression of gratitude. I felt so grateful to be able to bless those babies. And present them yesterday. I felt like kneeling and praying to God in the middle of sacrament meeting. It was a feeling of  gratefulness that I don't feel like I have felt in all my life. The spirit was there. I knew it. And I hope the others could feel it too. I will be everso grateful for that great blessing I could do for this family. 

I think that was the highlight of the week. the rest of the week was meeting meetings meetings. and some more meetings. Monday to leader council, get back Tuesday in the night just in time for Branch Council. Wednesday morning zone meeting. Thursday weekly planning. Friday Zone Conference. and then other days were chill. jajaja. And Sunday with the surprise blessings to give jajaja. Crazy week. Looking forward to this normal week :) Well. we have interviews but that isn't too much time. 

A ton of rain!! We had to save our neighbors dog because they left for vacations and left him outside. So we put it in the pench until we had to leave. So it wouldn't die of the cold and wet that passed by these past 3 days. But yea. That's about it. 

How are you guys going with your missionary experiences?? I haven't heard anything lately... :) 

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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