Saturday, October 22, 2016

October 3, 2016

How's it going??? Hope it's all going good!! We had an awesome week!!! We had a lot to do this week. Leadership council, zone meeting, tormenta blanca, and Conference!!! So it's been fun!! We did a big lunch with the whole zone after the zone meeting Friday and that was way good. Everyone seemed to like it too. It was chicken, french fries, and rice. It was waaaaaaaaaayyyyy good!!! So that explains the photos. and Conference we had Saturday and Sunday like normal :) It was awesome!!! I loved all of it. There was a lot of things I learned. One of which is  that our mission president has revelation for the mission. Conference confirmed that again for me because when they talked about missionary work in conference. They talked about an initiative that our mission president gave us months ago and I realized how important it really is to do prayers to find people and set a goal. A goal in which God will have put that person in your path. I think it is very important that we take the counsel we have learned these last 2 days and make a plan to always be reading their talks. My plan is to print a talk every week and read it again so I can always have fresh what the prophets expect of us Today. You guys to could do that if you want to join me?? There were so many good things that they shared that we probably don't remember and need to repass. I loved that they talked so much about prayer and the importance of sincere prayers and sincere repentance. It's got me thinking how I am doing with my prayers and how I can get better at it. I hope you guys can think back in conference and maybe in your family home evening today talk about what you learned and what you are going to work on fixing in this week. Because we all have something to fix and get better. I hope you guys enjoyed conference as much as we did here in Argentina!! We had 8 investigators come too!! So we enjoyed it even more!!! 

I hope you guys have a great week and keep safe. 

Love you all a ton!!!

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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