Monday, September 26, 2016

September 26, 2016

Time never seems to slow down... jajjaja that is so true. Jamie is home??? that is Sooooo weird... jajaja. 

How was the woman's broadcast?? what did you learn??

It has been a fun week! We had interviews with the president! That was Tuesday. Then we had interchanges. that was way good. We ate some awesome pizza and chicken thanks to Hermano Uzurgaste. :) Me and Elder Castillo worked together. We found a person who said she didn't believe in anyone or anything. We taught her in the door a little. Testifying of God and his Son Jesus Christ and how we knew that they live and are real people. She started to cry. She had felt the Spirit. We did a prayer with her there in her front door and then we said we would pass by again. It was an awesome experience. I had always been kind of scared to find an ateo (atheist) but in the moment that we talked with her we were able to say the things she needed to hear. Now we are going to have to go pass by her house in these days. We found 3 investigators between me and him in that day we had together so it was awesome!!! His comp is laughing at me for my horrible English still... there's not much I can do about it... I am in a Spanish speaking country... jajajaj. This week we have leadership council and zone meeting this week so those should be fun. This last week we also participated in the world service day of the church. We painted the hospital of Maipu. We had a couple stakes there working on it. it was way fun!!! We were able to paint it all. Or at least all that they asked us to paint. We had quite a few missionaries there too. Who doesn't like to paint??? 

I also had a talk on missionary work and how my family helped me to prepare me for the mission. So I believe the Bishop just wanted to see the big rugby playing gringo cry. jaja. I cried a bit. But I talked about everything you guys did for me. It was almost everything that was taught in the scriptures by King Benjamin in Mosiah 1-5. It's everything you guys have taught me. That we have to serve that I need to watch my thoughts, words, and actions, that I need education, that I need to study the scriptures, and that I need to love others like God love them. So I shared that all with them. And I just want to thank all of you family and friends (friends are family to me) for everything you have done for me. That you have all helped me in my way so I could come to Argentina and be an instrument in the Lord's hands and help some other people come unto him. Thank you all for everything you have taught me with your actions words and love that you all have given me. I love you guys a ton and I am very thankful for everything you have done. Be safe. And Always bear testimony of our Saviour. In every moment. I know that it is a blessing to bear our testimonies whenever we can. 

Love you guys and we'll see ya next week :)

Con amor,
Elder Hakes

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